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War on Drugs; War for Control

Updated on August 17, 2019
Alex Gregory Robbins profile image

Alex is a deadbeat stoner burnout who didn't pay attention to Hunter S. Thompson until it was too late. Now he tries to ensure others will.

Disconnected Observations

Being disconnected, and removed from the big cities I've spent the last 8 years in, I'm realizing how robbed the people within are.

Of fire, unrefined water flow, earth that isn't saturated in chems.
It's so fucking bright, you can barely see the stars, and even if you could the view is often obstructed by sky scrapers and advertisements. often the only smells to be had are raw sewage and the human waste lying on the concrete.

The cost of living often makes it impossible for most to enjoy a moments peace without the shadow of that great green slave driver looming over your head like some perpetually bad omen.

I was fooled by the lights and the cavernous underground infrastructure, by the decay and the fascinatingly neurotic often utterly depraved human environment within.

But ultimately, NYC, SF, LA, They were to me, giant concrete prisons. There is a sort of mental entropy I noticed that many had arrived to.

"If I work just a little bit more, it will be worth leaving my home country" you can hear as the cab drivers mutter their mantra

From all over the world they travel, to be apart of those dazzling behemoths, those testaments to old American industriousness manifest into the giant concrete landmarks that they go on to living in.

but those landmarks, oh how they crumble from beneath, and that infrastructure and the state of decline ALL of it openly exhibits, near collapse.

The cities themselves landmarks of a time, place and culture, that does not exist, and those boundless bright lights, their effect to the human mind is no different than a moths.

Perhaps it is merely me and my own failings as a man, but those cities from up on high look like a maze with no cheese at all.

Wet moss smells dank AF.

Afterthoughts; Moving on

I wrote this little blurb:

I could have used the nigh identical Mexican boogie man propaganda that was originally used to outlaw marijuana. I could have stated how drug enforcement was used to destabilize the hippies and the Black Panthers. I could have included that the DEA in it's entirety, much of the coast guard, and most of US law enforcement wouldn't exist if we didn't have the war on drugs, but that is mostly common knowledge.

What is not so common, yet, is this:

Look at it from a birds eye view.

The war on drugs, brings up the demand on drugs as they are harder to come by.

Price and demand, simple enough?

So you have a myriad of substances, that are illegal, that people are dependent on. And you've now made those who are dependent eligible to be imprisoned.

The prison racket makes money, for each person who is held within.


Also, note, that the cartel known as the "Knights Templar" was recently dismantled by the CIA, as portrayed in a film you may have seen, known as "Sicario".

Why did we do this? Because they became uncontrollable, and started waging wars both in Mexico and the United States..

The remaining cartels, more or less operate within the parameters set by our government.

They bring the drugs, they make their money, the US, effectively, controls the supply of drugs, because the cartel is dependent our money, which by proxy dictates that we also control the cartels.

What other reasons would we have for controlling cartels, you might ask?

Look to the South. The Cuban missile crisis happened yesterday in the scheme of things. There are variables that are not within our control.

So, by way of exorbitant income, you build guerilla armies that are dependent on your monetary, and they in turn, by nature of survival, not only destabilize competition that would indubitably arise from the Mexican government if it were stable, but you also create a buffer state that would be the front line of defense if someone decided to try and invade from below.

Remember, we control, because of our invasion of the middle East, the largest opium fields in the world.

We then drive up the prices by making them illegal, and essentially set whatever value we want on one of the most addictive substances on the planet.

The whole thing is a money and control racket.

I look forward to a day when people naive or privileged enough to believe the United States government is out for their best interest don't exist.

Please share if you've found this insightful or would like others to see.

© 2019 Alex Gregory Robbins


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