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Watch What Happens When You Leave Your Comfort Zone

Updated on October 29, 2019

We all dream of living an exciting, vibrant, challenging, and varied life. Still, most of us get stuck in sad everyday routines that are slow, and inevitably our dreams will fade. We are swallowed up by habits, and we lock ourselves in a comfort zone.
But do you know what?
No one has ever realized their dreams by just sticking to everything that feels comfortable, safe, and harmless. To get anywhere in life, we have to challenge the unknown and take some risks sometimes - and above all, get ourselves out of our comfort zone. Here you will get… important things that happen as soon as you dare to go out on the uncertain ground:

1. You will feel more alive

This is because there is no shortcut to achieving goals and dreams. It is only by questioning and challenging ourselves and our comfort and daring to try new things, that we can get real results. The moment you step into the unknown, your brain comes to life and becomes hyperalert. This is also when things start to get serious - you learn new things, you learn to adapt to new environments, new demands, and new people. Every little change means that your motivation to keep trying new things is kept alive.

2. You will love to challenge yourself

Everything new and unknown feels complicated, confusing, and challenging at first. A word that is "impossible" is also used frequently. But as soon as you start to cross the small thresholds and come to a little distance along the way, you also notice how satisfying it feels to have overcome an obstacle. And soon, you will overcome another. And one more and another and ...

By accepting resistance and difficulties, you also become more courageous and dare to take on more challenging and uncomfortable challenges. It won't be long before you create a craving to try out more new things that you feel you can do now.

3. You realize that your fears are invented

Our brain spends most of the time, finding excuses for why we shouldn't say or dare to try it. Actually, you are not afraid of anything. It is you who let your brain create fears and obstacles - they are so effective that we are often entirely paralyzed. But with some effort, you can teach the brain to think and conceive correctly. And control it.

You do this by questioning every fear and reason that pops up. Ask yourself, "Why am I afraid of this"? "What's the worst that could happen"? It will take some time, but gradually you will realize that most of what you are afraid of is just the brain ghosts created by your own laziness and convenience. You will find that you are unnecessarily creating obstacles that do not exist and underestimating your own ability to be healthy, able, willing, and daring to do new things. The impossible soon turns not only possible but also into something that you think is fun to do. Say to that voice in your head that says you can't, shouldn't or should do what you want to shut up. Everything that you previously thought was impossible, uncomfortable, and frightening suddenly becomes the new normal.

4. You Replace Repentance with Excitement and Expectancy

There is no joy or excitement in living an ingrained, predictable, and sad life. Yet, this is precisely how most of us live. We live as we think we have to live to be responsible, capable, and fit into the system. But it is impossible to close our own dreams for any length of time. Sooner or later, they catch us, and then it becomes even more difficult.

The sad truth is this:

For every day that goes by and you no longer do what you really want to do, the more you regret everything you haven't done and the more bitter, cynical, and tired you become. The feeling of just ticking off the days in the calendar without anything happening turns into pure torture.

But it does take so little to resolve this.

When you stop listening to the whisper in your head and step out of your comfort zone, then you have also begun your transformation. Every little step outside of your routine is counted. It does not matter how much or little you do as long as you do things that you do not think you could, dared, or should do. Every little new thing means success - and a real step toward exchanging feelings of regret for excitement and anticipation. Suddenly every day becomes a new adventure instead of just one step closer to a hole in the ground!

5. You will be able to laugh at yourself

It is really very simple - the farther away from your comfort zone (and the longer you spend outside it) - the more your old tedious habits fade. You realize that all your old excuses and mistakes - yes, all your old cowardly self - just deserve to be laughed at. Over time, you know that it is not dangerous to fail, but rather a prerequisite for learning something new and moving forward. All old excuses, explanations, and tricks appear as absurd, childish, and foolish. Soon you will have moved so far away from your old comfort zone that you will no longer remember your old limitations. You are confident knowing that trying new things is not dangerous - it is the only way to live fully.

6. You learn more about yourself - about your strengths and weaknesses

It is hard to periodically investigate and question yourself - which is why so few dares to do so at all. But here is so much to learn about oneself - and really, there is no better way to get to know oneself than to highlight both their weaknesses and strengths in the light. Every little new insight about yourself becomes an integral part of your life puzzle. As soon as we dare to question ourselves, our thoughts and habits, attitudes, and values, we learn something new about ourselves. And it doesn't matter if positive or negative traits are attracted to the surface - all new discoveries lead to a higher and better self-insight.

7. You gain better confidence

As long as we sit and squeeze in our little comfort zone, we never get a chance to challenge ourselves, our (often) imagined fears, and find out what we really can. But for every little new successful experience, the courage grows. Self-confidence gets a hefty push every time we feel we have succeeded in stepping over a threshold. The feeling that it is up to us to decide how much we can handle and to stop worrying about limitations that do not really exist makes us braver for each day. Self-confidence will hit the ceiling if you stop listening to the voice in your head, trying to fool you into thinking you can't. The truth is that it is your own responsibility to control your actions. Once you have begun to believe in yourself, there is nothing that can stop you anymore.

8. You create a whole new source of joy and satisfaction

Forcing oneself to do things that we think we dare not, can, or should do creates an entirely different sense of satisfaction than when we let old prejudices, fears, and doubts limit us. Just continuing to do what we usually do does not lead to anything else is boredom and a feeling that all of life just seems to be stomping on the same spot, year after year. In time, it becomes a kind of artificial joy. It takes new habits, new challenges, and new inventions to make life more enjoyable and satisfying - but then you need to turn your little comfort zone back and not rush back into it again as soon as you encounter resistance and setbacks.

9. You will realize that the only real way to succeed in reaching your goals is to expose yourself to discomfort and challenge your own comfort.

When you regularly start to get out of your comfort zone, then you will quickly notice that the feeling of joy and satisfaction, as it means that when you take on new things, it exceeds the uncertainty and discomfort that arises from time to time. But the fact is that a little worry and nervousness are essential for our efforts. Fear and anxiety are a sign that we are doing the job earnestly. If it is too easy to overcome one thing, then satisfaction will not be as great when one has succeeded when one has had to fight a little. Short moments of discomfort lead to long-term changes - and successes.

10. You will inspire other people

It is not only yourself that will change drastically as you spend more time outside your comfort zone. Other people will also notice you and find that you are more confident, positive, and actionable.

You can reliably expect that some cannot accept that you are no longer as easy to handle as before, and you will probably hear some negative comments, but that is nothing to worry about. This is a problem that resolves itself after a while because those who are cynical about your new, self-assured I will either tire of no longer being able to depress you and give up contact - or they will be so inspired that they too want to change.

And your change will motivate people in your area also to dare to deal with themselves, their fears and old, sad routines. They realize that it is you who have chosen to change yourself and that you do things to satisfy your own needs and not just dance after other people's success. They see a happy, active, and energetic person who has set new, personal rules for their lives and lives by them.

So start by daring to do something new today.


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