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The Many Waterways Flowing Along The Appalachian Trail

Updated on November 13, 2016

The Moosehead Lake Of Maine

More Moose Than Human Beings Around The Lake

Moosehead lake located in the state of Maine is currently considered the largest lake in the entire Eastern United States. The massive lake covers 1,268 square miles, with roughly forty miles in length, and nearly ten whole miles in width. Currently the average depth of the large lake is fifty-five feet in depth, but the maximum depth is known to be about two-hundred-fifty feet deep. Moosehead lake currently has nearly three-hundred miles of shoreline along the lakes outer edges. A mighty Kennebec river flows directly into the Moosehead lake. There presently are a total of eighty different Islands located in the lake and the Sugar Island is known to be the largest in size. Many different fish species presently inhabit the Moosehead lake, but the prized freshwater Salmon fish is what the majority of anglers are commonly fishing for. Ice fishing is widely permitted on the Moosehead lake during the brutally cold months of winter. The area located directly around the Moosehead lake region is widely known to support a very large moose population. Generally moose living all around the massive lake are said to significantly out number human beings by a ratio of three to one.

The Mighty Hudson River

The Hudson River Is Beautiful And Also Heavily Polluted

The mighty Hudson river never stops flowing for anyone nor anything. Along the Appalachian Trail vacinity the river flows straight though the Adirondack Mountain Range that is located near Bear Mountain, New York. The mighty Hudson runs for roughly three-hundred-fifteen consecutive miles in total length. It gushes by with swift currents that flow directly though the beautiful region of the Hudson Valley. The Hudson river was named in memory of the late Mister Henry Hudson. Naturally the Hudson river distinctively forms the general boundary between both states of New Jersey and the state of New York. On average, the widest points of the Hudson river are an astonishing three and a half miles in total width. Currently the Hudson river is frequently crossed thousands of times each day by many highly dense motorist bridges, underground tunnels, and multitudes of public transit ferry boats. In the world today the citizens of two American states often wonder and are passionately concerned about the Polychlorinated Biphenyls,(BCB's), the heavy mercury waste, and the abundance of raw sewage being dumped into there local communities water supply.

The Hudson River on the Appalachian Trail

The Delaware Water Gap Of Pennsylvania

An Ideal Family Vacation Getaway Destination

The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is a very beautiful and a splendid territory located along the Appalachian Trail in the state of Pennsylvania. Presently the general area surrounding the water gap is overflowing abundantly with many vibrant wildflowers and various species of blooming flowering trees. The Delaware Water Gap is often considered as the ideal and magnificent family getaway destination for numerous families. On average, the cool summer breezes at the water gap area will blow steadily amongst the many mature and massive Hemlock trees while hiking nearby through the dense forest. The experience at the water gap is so incredible that no person will be able to soon forget it.

The Rapids Of The Shenandoah River

Big Currents And Multitudes Of Strange Fish

The short Shenandoah river always rushes past with strong currents and steadily streams by at an overwhelmingly swift pace. Presently the Shenandoah river has three main tributaries that are both the North Fork and the South Fork rivers. The Shenandoah river is also located directly at the mouth of the strong flowing waters of the Potomac river. Naturally the Shanondoah Valley region is underlain by a complete slab of solid limestone. In modern times, the Shenandoah river is known notoriously by locals for canoeing, river tubing, extreme white-water rafting, and even has the perfect rapids for great kayaking. Today the Shenandoah river is also widely known for being one of Americas most highly polluted rivers. In fact, due to extraordinary high mercury levels that were discovered steadily flowing downstream from a now-defunct Dupont Corperation Facility. The corporation was found guilty of heavily polluting the South Fork river with mercury waste from the Waynesboro area to the Front Royal, Virginia areas. This covers a rather large swath of land that is polluted and the South Fork river forms a major spillway directly into the Shenandoah river. In fact, presently today there are numerous miles along the Shenandoah river where many of the locals witness multitudes of random fish kills each spring. There are currently large populations of fish species in the general area that are constantly dying off with lesions that are normally caused by exsposure to high levels of severe bacteria. A great number of different types of fish species living in the Shenandoah river are regularly exhibiting very peculiar behavior patterns. The many warning signs that are posted along the river banks of the three polluted rivers that all connect to the Shenandoah river, always clearly state to never drink the rivers water, and the fish caught from the rivers are not safe for human consumption.

The Strong Flowing Currents Of The Shenandoah River

The Big Stoney Creek In Virginia

Several Trout Species In The Big Stoney Creek

A swiftly flowing mountain stream that is routinely stocked each year with three different types of trout fish species. The Brown, Rainbow, and Brook trout are commonly what the determined anglers are always fishing after. Big Stoney creek is located very close in proximity to a nearby trailhead entrance to the Appalachian Trail. The Big Stoney creek is widely popular with the locals for both fly-fishing and spin-fishing alike. Many of the avid and seasoned fishermen claim the best fishing sections of the mountain stream are generally at the Jefferson National Forest boundary signs. Currently all of the trout fish that are stocked into the Big Stoney creek each year are all fished out rather quickly during the fall and spring months.

The Beautiful Lake Watuaga Of Tennessee

A Small Town Currently Lies Under The Lake

The beautiful Lake Watuaga is located just slightly east of Elizabethton, Tennessee. Lake Watuaga is the local name for the Watuaga Water Reservoir that is a man-made lake and was created by the Tennessee Valley Authority. The original small Tennessee town of Butler presently now sits at the bottom of the Watuaga Lake. A "New" Butler town in Tennessee has since been relocated to much higher grounds just above the lakes edges of the Tennessee reservoir. In fact, presently more than half of the gorgeous Watuaga Lake currently lies within the boundary lines of the Cherokee National Forest and is considered highly protected land. Since the lake currently lies within a national protected area the land located directly around the lake cannot possibly ever be developed in the near future.

The Laurel Falls Of Tennessee

Marvelous Flowing Waterfalls

A marvelous fifty-five foot high waterfall that gives off a very cool and misty breeze all around its base at ground level. The wonderfully cool oasis makes for the ideal relaxing spot on a very hot and muggy summer day. Laurel Falls are located directly within the Pond Mountain Wilderness area along the Appalachian Trail. In fact, the Appalachian Trail passes directly by the base of the marvelous waterfalls and follows a narrow rocky track that runs parallel along the steady current that flows out to form the Laurel Fork Gorge. The Laurel Falls plunge straight downward to the bottom of the plunge pool, then flow rather slowly through a deep creek bed, and will eventually trickle down into the Laurel Fork Gorge region. Laurel Falls are located very close in proximity to the nearby and popular Dennis Cove Campground. The misty waterfalls make for a magnificent short weekend getaway for avid hikers, serious campers, extreme anglers, and all other outdoor enthusiasts alike.

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