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Ways to Avoid Getting Drunk with Liquor and Beer

Updated on June 21, 2012

"Men are like wines as they get older they get better."

Can be a good healthy source of bonding if taken moderately.
Can be a good healthy source of bonding if taken moderately.
Just a reminder though, don't drink and drive, hehehe many road accidents here in the Philippines are related to excessive drinking.
Just a reminder though, don't drink and drive, hehehe many road accidents here in the Philippines are related to excessive drinking.

Ways of Overcoming the Stings of Booze and Beer

Beer and hard drinks are indeed one of those temptations that are very hard to resist. For most men it is an outlet of getting rid of stress and a perfect way to relax. Unwinding by way of drinking would be great along with bosom friends, relatives, superiors and colleagues. Drinking sessions surely builds strong bond among friends and relatives but can stir trouble when someone might get drunk and causes unnecessary and hurtful remarks or actions that will trigger brawls or bad exchanges of words. For like snakes, wines are capable of whipping out poison that will enable a drunken man do unusual things (like sleeping, crying, being forgetful, vomiting, and unconscious with the words he utters and actions he makes).

There are threats when a man drinks excessively aside from a potential threat of getting involved in a fight. Drunken man is vulnerable to accidents, especially those who drinks and drives. Road accidents (involve those who have taken liquors, and injuries serious or not and even deaths) are common in almost in any part of the world.


Here are some tips of withstanding the venom of booze and beer, and to secure a peaceful drinking session with buddies.

  1. Eat a lot before any drinking session starts. A full stomach gives you resistance to the sting of booze and beer.
  2. When fruits are available eating lot of it will be very good, this neutralizes the alcohol in your stomach. You may eat any what is being served in the table aside from fruits.
  3. Red meat goes well with red wines while white meat goes with white meat, if your drinking brandy or whiskey perhaps, the food that should be served must have red meat with it. Fish, crustaceans (e.g. shrimp, lobster) and bivalves goes well with white wines like vodka and gin.
  4. Drink a lot of water while drinking. If you are naïve that your companions might see you doing this, and scared being teased, its worth a try going to a private place and drink as much water as so you can. Water can lessen the sting of hard liquors and beer.
  5. Learn when to say pass or know when to rest. Holding your horses at the brink of getting drunk is the best thing a gentleman can do, but be polite in doing so.
  6. Don’t mix. Don’t ever make unfamiliar cocktail of different liquors you might get drunk too much too soon, or do not practice this way of drinking: drink gin now beer later and gin again approach, nyahahaha, wines are not meant to be like layers of cake, this will make you drunk for sure and hangover will be inevitable in the next day.
  7. Know when to quit, knowing your limitations in a drinking session is very important, you will maintain and get the respect of your drink mates if you just go home when you have had enough. A drunken man experiences the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, sneezing, drowsiness and dizziness. It is better to stop drinking when you feel that the symptoms are imminent.
  8. Take your time don’t be in a rush while drinking. For large amount of liquors and beers taken will surely make you drunk hapless and helpless.
  9. If you're the host in a marathon drinking session, hehehe, use strategies that will lessen the impact of alcohol . When you are feeling drunk already, try to vomit what is inside your stomach by hooking the rear of your tongue with your index finger. This will give you comfort and more energy to withstand succeeding bottles of beers or rounds of shots. This is actually cheating, but for me it is not, its just one way of staying longer and for an added firepower in not succumbing to the liquor's kick.
  10. After drinking try some hot soup, tea or coffee, this will make you comfortable and stimulated (since liquors are depressants it intends to make you numb). Soak towel in cold water then wipe it in your face or simply take a cold shower to make you relieved and relaxed.


Easy Ways to Avoid Hang Over


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