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How to improve your carbon footprint - Ways to do it!

Updated on July 1, 2017
Photo by scol22 @
Photo by scol22 @

What is Carbon Footprint?

A carbon footprint is the total amount of GHG (greenhouse gases) emissions, assessed in carbon dioxide units (tonnes of CO2 equivalent / year), caused directly and indirectly by an individual, organization, event or product.

Each one of us has an individual carbon footprint which reflects all our actions that have environmental influence over the emission of greenhouse gas.

If we think about developed countries the biggest cause of greenhouse gases are both transportation and electricity production.

So how can we reduce our individual carbon footprint?

How about making each year a greener year!?

There are many ways to cut down our carbon footprint and therefor reduce our impact on the environment.

One can start by trying to drive less and opt for collective transportation or for bicycle commuting, by using low energy consumption appliances, choosing food products that were produced organically and near the place where it is going to be eaten to avoid long distance transportation.

And those are just a few from a very long list of measures to reduce the greenhouse gases that everyone can implement in our everyday life.

Photo by reznor70 @
Photo by reznor70 @

How can a bicycle ride save your day?

Simple, it will make you healthier, happier, feeling younger and perhaps the most important, it will make you a much more friendly human being towards our planet Earth.

There are several reasons for people not to ride more often. Some will claim they are not in proper shape, some will tell you that it is not safe to ride amongst other vehicles, others will say that there are not enough bicycle paths available and there are even those who never learned how to ride a bicycle.

But this does not mean we should keep driving our cars everywhere we go and forget to look around and realize how beautiful Earth is!

There are few ways to really "feel" the Earth as good as riding a bicycle through nature. And if we think that every time we commute on our bikes we are making our carbon footprint smaller, then it is easy to understand that there are not much more environmentally-friendly transportation as bicycles.

Well, OK, we can always walk but I can assure you it will never be as fun as riding a bicycle!

Wheels of change

We can wash our hands clean with the good earth.

A note on bicycles by newblueprint:

Bicycles represent the best of human ingenuity. The design allows for very efficient use of energy. We can build cars, bombs, and giant walls, but we can also build bikes. Bikes allow us to travel long distances while still connecting with the natural world. When you ride a bike you are truly alive, your heart pounds, your muscles ache, you feel the wind in your face and a connection with the terrain - you experience the hills and slopes of your environment.


Another way to reduce our carbon footprint is to invest in Carbon Offsetting.

Even after we reduce the amount of carbon dioxide each of us produces, we can still make up for the inescapable emissions we make by simply buying carbon credits from assured projects.

Those certified projects create an equivalent greenhouse gas saving by planting trees, doing organic farming, researching and investing on renewable energies, and all of this may be performed anywhere in the world.

This may not eliminate the emissions we have made but at least it can minimize their impact on the environment over the years!

Click here to calculate your carbon footprint:


And find out how to reduce your impact...


Carbon footprint on Amazon

The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Your Carbon Footprint
The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Your Carbon Footprint
Awareness of global climate change has reached critical mass around the world, and people are looking to see how the choices they make affect the environment. This highly practical and easy-to-use reference helps readers understand how to do their part to combat global warming in simple but effective ways.

Now that you have calculated your carbon footprint lets see...

How big it is your carbon footprint?

See results

Cultivating Change: The City Farming Project

The City Farming Project in London, Ontario Canada, promotes sustainable growing on small intense plots of land within city limits using organic methods and educating the community while growing delicious organic healthy veggies.

Satiric video about Santa's Carbon Footprint


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