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Ways to Overcome Exam nervousness

Updated on November 11, 2016

The average number of students feels some level of anxiety during the exams, but for some, the stress can be stern. To combat this nervousness, you first need to understand the reason behind this heightened anxiety. Common explanations for this are lack of examination preparation, low motivation level and competition from peers.

The following 5 strategies can help you combat anxiety a great deal:

1. Plan your study routine: Usually, exam stress comes from the lack of control over the situation. Creating a study schedule with concrete goals will endow you with confidence and a sense of progression.

2. Use mobile applications for study: There are tons of quality mobile apps that offer great study material to help you improve your knowledge and skills. Download one and study whenever and wherever you get time.

3. Give your mind space: Meditation helps in staying focused; it improves your mental and physical health and reduces anxiety and nervousness.

4. Sleep: This is a complete myth that studying all night signifies your seriousness when preparing for exams. The fact is that if you do not sleep, dizziness clouds your mind the next day thus making you lose your concentration.

5. Break free from distractions: Most people do not realize how many times they check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other such sites. When you calculate this time, it is a significant waste of time. It can be difficult to detach from social media but keeping your end goal and time-frame in mind, the process will not remain that difficult.

There are times when nervousness and anxiety are unavoidable, especially when preparing for some important exams. Little anxiety and stress work as great motivators, but an excess of nervousness and anxiety can impact your performance. Use the above-mentioned techniques and you will be able to keep the balance.


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