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We Are Changing Our Name.

Updated on June 19, 2013

Animals A to Z in ASL

Parents of The Deaf

The formally called Sign Language Communication Learning Center, is now called Parents of the Deaf Coalition. Our name now better explains who and what we are. We were established to help provide materials in ASL for our deaf children and to help others who have a deaf child in their family to have materials available in ASL. We have developed 5 DVDs so far in American Sign Language, and they are available for free for libraries so other families can watch them. These are not "how to sign" DVDs, but little illustrated stories signed in ASL.

The importance of early language development

Many studies today point to the benefits of teaching all young children sign language at an early age and thereby increasing their early language development. However, for young deaf children, this can make a huge difference in their early education. My two deaf children that had sign language at this early stage in life, were far more advanced in their education and in their grasp of English as a second language than my deaf son that didn't. However, beyond these beginning sign books and DVDs, there is very little available in ASL for deaf children to continue their signing skills and education---and even fewer children's books in ASL---for they would need to be "Visual Books."

A Visual Book in ASL

Starting a section for deaf children in libraries

Most libraries in the United States have materials for blind children--Auditory books they are called, but very few libraries in our country have anything for the deaf in ASL---Visual books they are called. Many college students learning ASL have complained that they cant find anything in ASL in any library they have checked with. This is the goal of our group, Parents of Deaf Children, we hope to provide at no cost, except the shipping, any of the DVDs we have produced to any library that is willing to set up a section for deaf children and provide them with material in their primary language ASL. We hope, that even though we are small, that one day we can make a difference and have many things available for our children, and for all families with deaf children, in American Sign Language.


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