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Web Publishing Ethics – Another Case Of Copyright Wrongdoing At

Updated on September 7, 2011

. re-worded my original article, ... The Word “Fluidism” – Inflating Its Definition Ruins Its Value ..., and then re-published the bad re-write with my copyright notice (including my name) still attached !


How Dumb Is That?

In a previous hubpages article, ... Web Publishing Ethics – How Illegally Edited/Re-Published My Writing ..., I pointed out the case where an art website mishandled my original writing.

What are the chances of my encountering another case of mishandled writing so soon? I would have guessed the chances are slim.

Well, I was wrong. Re-writing original articles badly is apparently more common than I realized. As another heads-up to good writers and as another deterrent to bad publishers, therefore, I here present my latest evidence:

A Copy Of My Latest Email To An Offending Website


Your website has re-published one of my articles to the following web address:

I observe very obvious grammatical errors in your re-worded version, indicating that care was NOT taken in copying my original article correctly, as I wrote it.

I have not read the entire article at your website. The first few sentences, however, will prove to you what I claim:


[Your Website ] --"Words serve to mark sensory perceptions so that different public can make common understandings."

[MY ORIGINAL] -- "Words serve to LABEL sensory perceptions so that different PEOPLE can CREATE common understandings."


[Your Website] -- "The definition of a word often command to mind a fastidious group of pictures that literally allows different public to see what the word means."

[MY ORIGINAL] -- "The definition of a word often SUMMONS to mind a PARTICULAR group of pictures that literally allows different PEOPLE to see what the word means."


[Your Website] -- "On the other hand, if a word’s meaning relies primarily on other words, then the word has less value as a tool for choice public make such understandings."

[MY ORIGINAL] -- "On the other hand, if a word's meaning relies primarily on other words, then the word has less value as a tool for HELPING PEOPLE CREATE such understandings."


The SOURCE of my original article:

Publisher's terms of service (at the source where you found my article, clearly state that articles must be published EXACTLY as the original writers composed them, with NO alterations to the writing. You have NOT followed these publisher terms of service, and you have attached MY NAME to a version of an original article to which I would NEVER attach my name, as you have rewritten the article.

Your re-wording is grammatically incorrect for the English language.

Please remove the current version of my article from your website and replace it with the original version, as I CORRECTLY worded it. Failure to correct this error is a violation of my copyright.


Robert G. Kernodle


Words Of Advice For Publishers

  • Respect a writer’s rights.
  • Respect a writer’s writing.
  • Follow publishers’ terms of service.
  • Ask before changing a writer’s work, and accept “NO” as an answer.
  • On a personal note, mishandling my writing will cost offenders their reputations in the search engines, because THEIR stupidity will become MY publicity.


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