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Welcome Rain

Updated on August 4, 2020
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As an educator of 15 years, I know what works and what doesn't in the classroom. I boldly speak the truth and always will.

Quenching rain
Quenching rain | Source

Quenching Rain

There is something cozy and awe-inspiring about a summer storm, in all its fury, crashing around your home. The lightning, deluge of rain and even some hail mixed in make for a spectacular show! Nestled snug in our home, it suddenly forces all of us to take refuge together and watch. So much humility and calm can be delivered by a rainstorm.

Humble Smallness:

When witnessing trees thrashing about, rolling thunder and the crack of lightning, we suddenly feel a little vulnerable. We watch. We hope. We pray quietly in our hearts that a tree will not fall on the house, or power lines will not fall to the ground. Sometimes it takes a large storm to make us realize we are not in charge. With loved ones around us, we gather candles, flashlights, and think of games we can play to pass the time. Thankfully, we are all forced off our electronics and just talk to each other. Great storms can create opportunities for togetherness.

Cozy Days:

Even a steadfast gentle rain, quenching the parched ground, can change one’s mindset to that of simplicity. Gentle lighting on a dark rainy day can expose the business and calm inside. Delicious smells fill the house as baking bread or cookies warm in the oven. A fireplace crackles. Candles lit, hot cocoa is stirred in a pot on the stove, and even the pets find a favorite spot for a dark, daytime nap. Everyone in the home is peaceful, quiet, and contemplative. We’re all stuck together, and it is serene. No one wants to venture out. We are all safe and warm inside.

Crickets Chirp in a Damp World:

As the darkness settles and the evening closes in. The rain wanes. Slowly moth dark around in the spotlights, drop of water fall from leaves blowing in the remaining winds, and crickets begin their evening song. Too damp and comfortably venture out, we sit on our porch and admire the damp world awaiting us. Eventually, we turn in. Our warm beds await. The still evening invites us to sleep.

Giving Way to a Lush Green Morning:

Every blade grass, every plant, and every leaf reveals its thankful green splendor. The lawn is healthy, the once wilted garden perks up, and the world rejoices in thanks for the precious drink of water. Rain. A simple gift that quenches the earth and our hearts.


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