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How to have lucid dreams.

Updated on July 20, 2016

The Book

I had vivid dreams my whole life. Every morning I would recount my dreams during breakfast. Many years later my mom gave me a book, which came with a CD, on how to have lucid dreams. I could recall my dreams well; there was no reason to write them down. Within days, I could do it. I just kept telling myself, as I fell asleep, to realize I am dreaming.
My first lucid dream was being near a party, I was a few blocks away. Standing on the corner there were three people across the street. I couldn't see their faces but felt they were a threat. It was at that moment I knew I was in a dream.
Then I thought... I can do anything! The hard part was making things happen. I wanted the people across the street to go away so I chose, as if I were awake, a more creative way to get rid of the threat I felt. I held my head and literally had to will them away. It felt like it took a lot of energy. It worked though, I looked up and as they were being drawn far away from me they were turning into black smoke.

I was ready to go to the party and started walking and looking at everything I could see. Then I thought, I don't have to walk. I thought of a different way to get there. I decided I wanted to kind of float and glide there. I had to do the same thing as before, hold my head and concentrate and then I would float. Floating to the party, I remember the lights and people I didn't recognize.

I remember red beer cups on tables. As I was gliding I realized how much of my dream I couldn't see. Having to concentrate took so much energy the clarity of the dream was weaker. As I progressed, concentrating wasn't as difficult, then more of my dream I could see and that is what took practice.


My First Lucid Dream

When I first started having lucid dreams the morning after was strange. Physically I felt fine but in some way it made me feel like I never slept. I was well rested but I had memories of it being as if I were awake a whole day. My life was one part normal and another part like that of a movie. After the first few nights I decided if I wanted to continue. It was leaving me mentally burdened. "Will it happen even if I don't want it to?" "Now I have to get rid of this dream".

I was still curious and continued even though it was draining. This time I was in the desert. I was alone and it hit me, I'm awake in my dream. Even though it was amazing I wasn't mentally ready to be in full control of my dreams. First thing I decided was I wanted my sister with me. I held my head again and willed her there. My sister is standing in front of me, with a smile, saying to me, "So what's going on"? And in my dream I told her what I was doing and she went along with me. We were talking to each other and not once did it feel like the words coming out of her mouth were from me.

It was as if I were having an actual conversation with her, fully aware I was dreaming. Then we decided we needed a car. I held my head again and willed it to appear. There it was a truck. I didn't pick the kind of car I just focused on the word car. We went to get in the truck and all the doors were locked but the windows were down. We climbed through the windows. The truck was funny looking, like a Picasso painting but it ran. Sometimes it looked like an ordinary truck and other times it looked like all the shapes and colors in a kaleidoscope spilling out and forming whatever you want.


The Choice

Several months later I decided to stop. I ended up feeling like I was awake all the time but without the sleep deprivation. On the night I decided to not have a lucid dream, the thought in my mind was, I want to be in a dark quite place. I woke up the next morning without remembering any dreams. Now when I sleep I don't always remember my dreams but when I do they are still vivid.

There have been times where I have nightmares. During those times I may not have been lucid but to some degree I felt more in control of my more scarier dreams.The experience alone had changed the way I dream. Maybe someday I will try it again but for now I would rather just let my mind do what it wants.

Sweet Dreams,


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    • stanwshura profile image


      6 years ago

      {...straight out, 90deg to your body, parallel to the ground. Then it's like these are my brakes as I slowly ease to the ground. A lot of the time, and this is just TOO symbolic not to think it has "meaning", I would be unable to navigate above or around these wires! My dream self's "wire ceiling"! I also occasionally experienced sleep paralysis, where I was like 90% awake, but couldn't move, and I was FULLY aware of it. I'd try to move my fingers or wiggle my toes, move my mouth or eyelids, not happenin'. I'd literally try to strategize a plan to "burst awake". The most bizarre type is when I'm in the dream, and I'm going NUTS trying to find the source of this awful beeping noise. When, in my dream, I get to thinking "alarm clock", it's like a metaphysical slap in the face that alerts me to shut off my REAL life alarm clock! BRRRRRRRR!

    • stanwshura profile image


      6 years ago

      Love this topic - and your hub! I am kind of a lay geek wrt learning, neuropsych, NVLD, dreams - all that stuff. I haven't had a lucid dream in a long time -like age, meds, anxiety, poor sleep habits - who knows.

      But boy do I remember them. I'd say +/- 90% of them were flying dreams. Yep, I could control where I flew, and even had the guts to approach altitudes that felt aeronautic. Get this, even my hybrid dream/aware-but-asleep self must have been obeying a superego, because a cautionary/authoritative nudge always convinced me not to attempt cosmic altitudes that hovering around the clouds was high enough! (my conscious self feared physical danger to me in the dream! - so much to ponder there!! I even had an elaborate landing procedure that always ended with me stiffly lowering, hands flat, fingers together, pointing straight out, 900

    • melbel profile image

      Melanie Palen 

      6 years ago from Midwest USA

      Wow! This is a REALLY interesting account. When I was a kid I could easily get myself into a lucid dream, but I do not remember my dreams as much anymore. I bet my sister could do it, though. She has some CRAZY vivid dreams all the time, I bet it would be fun for her to dip into those dreams and gain a level of control.

      Thank you for answering my question, by the way. VERY awesome hub. I love it!

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 

      6 years ago from Shelton

      I have to admit, interesting .. I too wondered about lucid dreams..easy to understand dreams clear.. no wait I was thinking of Lewd dreams.. forget the comment.. Great Hub Cara

    • carolinemd21 profile image

      Caroline Marie 

      7 years ago

      Cara how interesting. I've had a few dreams before where I realized I was in them, but couldn't really control what was going on. That's amazing that you got so lost in it. lol. I would love to try it. A couple years ago I had a series of dreams where I was held down by a force. It freaked me out so bad. Great hub!

    • MosLadder profile image

      Chris Montgomery 

      7 years ago from Irvine, CA

      Perfect! I'd love to read it. Check out Dexter Yarbrough, he is a photographer and does a lot of hubs on the subject as well. Cheers!

    • Cara.R profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from New York

      Thanks for leaving a comment MosL. The effects to the photo were done in photoshop. I think I might do a hub on the subject. I started typing how I created the effects on my photos and it started to reach the level of a Hub. :)

    • Cara.R profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from New York

      Thanks NextGT

      I'll have to start writing my dreams now. I don't remember them as well as I use to. My dreams were so "busy" and vivid. I also had many repetitive nightmares as a child. I feel like I had enough dreams for three life times. :))

    • MosLadder profile image

      Chris Montgomery 

      7 years ago from Irvine, CA

      I enjoyed that a lot, the mind can be an interesting and scary place; I closed parts of mine off years ago :-) How did you make the effects in your photographs? I love it!

    • nextgoodthing profile image


      7 years ago from Miami,Fl

      HI Cara, I do not know if you believe but the spiritism says that when you are lucid dreaming,your spirit is actually living experiences out of the body. Our guardian angels and spirit guides usually use our stage of deep relaxation to whisper messages to us. I bet if you would start writting down your dreams, you would discover a lot of interesting stuff... Good Hub! thanks for sharing


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