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What Animals Can Teach Humans

Updated on June 24, 2015

The one thing modern technology can not take over

Animals, for years, have taught humans many feelings and things that just can't be duplicated. My husband and I have 10 rescue animals and their personalities are so funny that they are better then humans most days. Yes we all know a dog is a mans best friend but beyond dogs and cats is a whole new world of a different language.

It's not just about unconditional love. Animals can teach us to take naps like cats, never neglect your friends, get addicted to something positive like exercise, love learning, play fair, share and learn from each other, slow down and look around you, be empathetic and don't give up easily.

How many times has our dog or cat done something over and over when we are teaching them a new trick. They will not give up until they have it down.

If you could study one animal behavior for one year, you would learn how easy it is to just live and enjoy life.

Animals Have Feelings

I hate when people say it's just a dog or it's just a cat. They are living, breathing beings that have feelings just like us. They can be sad, happy, mad, show pain, love, ignore and protect. Humans are the ones who have domesticated some animals that should have been left to live life outside of four walls.

Animals with wings were meant to fly. They were not put on earth to have their wings clipped and be kept in a cage for the rest of their lives.

The same goes with reptiles. We have two iguanas that were near death and that is why we have them. They were meant to be on a tropical island living the life they know. Not born in captivity to be discarded like trash. People have iguanas and know nothing about them so they live a life at the hands of uneducated people and usually end up dying because it's too much to research the proper way to care for these beautiful creatures.

We cage them for our own pleasure

How would you feel

I don't patron zoos or any amusement parks that have animals. I also don't patron any circus'. These animals are treated poorly no matter what you think. How would you like to sleep in a four by four cell at night. You would have all your freedom taken from you and fed when humans feel like it.

Why is it humane to go and gawk at an animal that was made free to roam the earth. Sea world has a new commercial saying that they are not abusing wales. However keeping them in small enclosures with no open space to swim is abuse.

We treat them like they are nothing

What can we learn from animals?

Animals give unconditional love. It doesn't matter if they are abused they will still faithfully go to their owners for approval and love. They can suffer the worst abuse and go live with someone else and heal and thrive.

Animal abuse is now a felony in the United States. Alarming rates of throw away animals have become the norm here. We adopt cats, dogs, reptiles, birds and when we don't want them anymore they are thrown away to kill shelters like a piece of garbage.

Animals are love. They don't hate anyone. They put up with any way they are treated and will still feel that it is the only way of life. People need to understand how they feel and stop the abuse. This year alone 8 million dogs and cats will be euthanized because of humans.

How you can help them

There are many ways to help stop animal abuse. Especially if you are the one doing it. If you don't want to care for a dog or cat or think at some point in your life you won't be able to take care of them, then leave them at the shelter for someone who really wants them.

Stop patronizing zoos that keep wild animals caged. Stop going to swim with dolphins on vacation because they are kept in a small area. If you really took a long hard look at the way humans behave to animals, we are the ones that need to be in cages.

Picture yourself in the same environment at the hands of humans. Picture yourself being beaten day after day and fed when someone feels like feeding you. Picture yourself being shown off to humans then taken behind the scenes to suffer abuse. If you feel sick at thinking of that picture then be aware what animals are going through and help save them.

If you notice a neighbor who keeps their dog on a chain and leaves no water out for the dog or food, call the authorities to check them out. If you see a hoarding situation call someone to investigate. We can't save them all but we can save more.

If your parent was being abused in a nursing home, wouldn't you investigate to see what was going on? Of course you would. But you live next door to someone who abuses their dogs every day and could care less to give them help.

Priorities don't exist when animals are concerned.


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