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What Are Walk-Ins? (and Jump-Ins)

Updated on November 30, 2010

A Walk-in is a soul that takes over a body when the original soul has departed or when the original soul has given up it’s will to remain. It has also been suggested that aliens can be Walk-Ins, as well, and are capable of taking over a human body.

When the Walk-in is an ancient soul, which is most often the case, the take over of the body is not uninvited. They can use the body only if the original soul has approved of the switch. However, in some instances, when the original soul has purposely abused their body with incessant drugs and/or alcohol, they give up their right to negotiate, and a less than honorable soul can take over.

Another example of a Walk-in take over would be if a person who believes they have obtained all the knowledge and have learned all the lessons they needed to in their present incarnation and has an overwhelming desire to return “Home.” It could also be that the soul has determined that they have chosen the wrong life and feels they need to start again. This occurs at times after a soul has had a Near Death Experience, (NDE). They have seen and remember what “Home” is like and have an overpowering desire to return.

A Walk-in can also occupy a body of a Trance Medium on a short-term basis during a session. The medium puts him/herself into a trance and another soul takes over the medium’s body in other to communicate with relatives or other living persons present. This does not harm the medium in any way, and when the other soul has completed their communication, the medium’s soul returns. Keep in mind that the medium allows the departed soul to use their body, and it is not a “hostile takeover” scenario.

One of the drawbacks of being a Walk-In is that the Walk-In does not have the same memories that the original soul had, so they are prone to amnesia. When an extremely tragic event happens to the original soul—one that they cannot handle, they may wish to have a Walk-In soul take over. In these cases, sometimes the person never remembers their past, and in others, the original soul changes their mind and they wish to return to their bodies once they have learned how to deal with the tragedy they initially experienced. Also an ingredient to this scenario is that the new soul needs to learn a lesson only that incarnation can teach them in order to advance. Instead of going through an entire new life, it would be more beneficial to them to merely be a Walk-In into a body in mid-life.


There are also spirits who are not of high morals that can take over without being invited…. Jump-Ins. They can take over a person’s body when the person has been on drugs or seriously drunk for extended periods of time. The original soul becomes unconscious and is unable to retain control of his/her body and mind, so the Jump-In can take over. Because these Jump-In souls are basically self-centered they do whatever they please with the body once they have gained control of it and is a prime reason why the original person takes on an entirely different personality. This can be one of the reasons that a person who is “high” cannot remember something they did while intoxicated – because they weren’t really there at the time. However, I wouldn’t try to make that a defense in a court of law-- the law enforcement community does not buy into the Jump-In theory, and until it has been scientifically proven to be a fact, it won’t hold any weight if you are convicted.

Jump-In souls “hang out” where they are most likely to encounter people who drink a great deal so they are ready to make their move.

I guess the moral to this article is, “There are more ways to loose a life then by dying.”


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    • Christine B. profile imageAUTHOR

      Christine B. 

      8 years ago from Medina, Ohio

      And, isn't it possible that split personalities are also Jump-Ins--- it would make perfect sense. It would explain why the original soul does not remember or is aware of all the other "personalities" and what they do. It's a total blank to them--but the other personalities ("Jump-ins") would be aware of not only the original personality, but also all of the other Jump-In personalities. Think about it! :o)


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