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What BigFoot Witness Have In Common

Updated on November 18, 2009

Colorado Bigfoot Sketch

What Do Witnesses Have In Common?

People who have seen or experienced events connected to Bigfoot truly come from every walk of life. There doesn't seem to be any one thing in common.

I have talked to hunters and outdoors people that have spent all their lives in a particular area who will tell you they have never seen or heard anything out of the ordinary. These people, of course, have the most difficult time accepting the possibility these creatures exist.

One such witness, here in Texas, told me he never even entertained the possibility that Bigfoot existed. After his terrifying sighting he was physically sick for days. He had to question everything he believed in. It has taken him months to come to terms with it. Before his sighting, his big concern, while out doing his job, was stepping on a rattlesnake… Now he is looking behind every tree. He is coping but it has changed everything in regards to his job. Fortunately for him he has a supportive boss and co-workers that have backed him and revealed they too had experiences in the same location. He was taken seriously and this factor has helped him deal with his life-changing event.

Other aren’t so lucky and have to contend with their sighting alone. Many people never tell a soul what they have witnessed. Most report being laughed at, by their own family members. My personal belief is that most sightings go unreported because people believe others will laugh at them or think they are crazy. Many professional people; nurses, doctors, lawyers, don’t want their names used publicly because they are afraid it will affect their positions within their community, or they could even lose their security clearances and put their jobs at risk.

For some people it takes months or years to deal with what they have witnessed. Most will tell you they didn't ask for this experience and they never want to see one again.

There are people out there that have seen them two or three times in the course of their lives... And these aren't investigators! Ironically on the other hand, there are investigators out there who have been on expeditions for years, putting themselves in known locations, and have never had a Class A sighting.

There is no rhyme or reason to it. Think of a magnet in this regard: Some repel and some attract. I have no idea why.

What witness have in common is also as varied as the witnesses themselves. Some are so terrified they tell me they can never look at the world the same way, while others go about their lives minimally changed. It depends on the make-up of the individual.

The individuals that seem to have the most difficult time dealing with a sighting are those people that were closed minded about the possibility that Bigfoot could exist to begin with. So on one end of the spectrum you have those individuals that turned to mush and the other end are those individuals that became investigators and actively seek to have another sighting and endeavor to understand and learn more about the creature they saw.

What do witnesses have in common?

Fear, respect, awe, shock, wonder to name a few things. All have been changed in some way. All witnesses I have spoken with have a tremendous respect for the creature given its size, shape and speed. I have repeated heard, Thank God these creatures tolerate us, because we’d be in a world of hurt if they didn't. 


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    • profile image

      Mike Hall 

      8 years ago

      Loved what you had to say here....good job

    • Sybilla Irwin profile imageAUTHOR

      Sybilla Irwin 

      8 years ago from Southwest Texas

      You are most welcome! And if you have any other questions...Ask away... I'll do my best to answer.


    • KCC Big Country profile image


      8 years ago from Central Texas

      Excellent hub! Thank you so much for answering my hub request. I find this topic very fascinating.


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