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What Does Qwe Stand For?

Updated on May 27, 2012

Just the other day, I went to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and keyed in "qwe" as the keyword to search for. My intention was to simply get pass the security checker, after which I will enter in the proper keyword. Surprising, my search for qwe actually yielded some results. On closer examination, there were about 60,500 searches for qwe each month and the average cost per click was $3.05.

I was intrigued. Who would have thought people actually searched for qwe, and that an advertiser would pay good money for clicks from searches for qwe.

As it turns out, qwe is not just a random string of characters that you type into the keyboard. A search on Google turns out 1,790,000 results! For those of you who wants to know what in the world does qwe stand for, I have compiled a short list of the possible meanings.

Quality Week Europe
These are conferences, usually referred to as QW/QWE conferences, that relates to software quality and the Internet. The 20th, and possibly last, QW/QWE conference, was named QW 2002, and was held on 3 - 6 September 2002 in California in the USA.

Quebecor World Europe
Quebecor World Europe Holding is a company based in Madrid, Spain. It provides various print and print-related services and operates as a subsidiary of Quebecor World Inc.

QWE's not WEB for Emacs
QWE stands for QWE's not WEB for Emacs, which is a programming tool for "almost any programming language, aiming to improve software documentation, presentation and maintenance." Can't say I understand what that means, but you are welcome to visit the website to find out.

Quarter Water Entertainment
This is a production company comprising a group talented writers and producers. They develop projects for film and television.

Quality Work Environment
In many organizations, QWE might stand for quality work environment.

Quantum Wave Equation
This is a partial differential equation, which "relates the spatial and time dependencies of the wave function of a system of one or more atomic or subatomic particles."

Qatar Sustainable Water And Energy Utilization Initiative
Texas A&M at Qatar introduced this initiative to address the water and energy problems faced by Qatar. It seeks to find ways to fully utilize the scarce water and energy resources so that Qatar can continue on its present growth path.

I'd bet that you would never have guessed that qwe can yield so many meanings, did you? I had fun, and I hope you did. Next time, maybe I'd try asd and see what I can come up with.


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