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What I Learned From Julius Caesar

Updated on June 20, 2020
Tanishq Bhatia profile image

I learn about it. I think about it. I write about it. Then I lean more about it.

"I came, I saw, I conquered"

Arguably one of the greatest achievers, Caesar managed to achieve the unachievable. Even a tenth of his deeds could place one among the greatest of men. Born the son of a senator, Caesar belonged a prosperous and powerful family, however he lost everything very early when his father supported the losing side of a power struggle. But this did not stop him from claiming for himself, many years later, the position of Dictator.

Here are six things to learn from Caesar. The man who never stopped.

1) Persistence/Perseverance- The route to glory was long and exhausting. Caesar spent years to rise among the ranks to become a general, then years in a Political alliance with his frenemies. Once banished from Rome, he went on a campaign to conquer Gaul. After the conquest of Gaul, fought Pompey in Roman civil war. No matter what the circumstance Caesar never stopped!

2)It takes time- Everything took time. From rise in the military to rise as a politician. From the campaign in Gaul to Civil War. By the time Caesar got what he wanted, it had already been decades.

3)Gamble- At every successive stage of achievement Caesar never shied away from gambling all that he had. For him, anything other than absolute power was of no use. Once, he even wept in front of a statue of Alexander, comparing achievements. Every move he made was his very last. He only knew how to move ahead, burning all bridges to his way back.

3)Turn limitations into possibilities- When offered to choose between Crassus and Pompey, he found a way to unite the two and mutually rule Rome. When banished out of Rome by his partners, he invaded Gaul and made an image in the eyes of Romans. When the fields of Gaul were burned by Vercingetorix, Caesar built a wall around an entire city (Alesia) and starved the entire Gaulish army.

4) Be Ruthless- Caesar built a massive wall around an army to starve it. When he learned that another massive army was moving towards him, he ordered another wall, but this time to protect his own men. Even in his days as Roman Consul, he was famous far using thugs and goons to threaten senators and get votes in his favor. I won't recommend doing anything unethical as that in itself is a symbol of low self confidence. However even within the boundaries of morality one must make every attempt possible.

5)Don't settle for any less- This comes from a man who famously said "i'd much rather be first in a village than second in Rome". Carry a sense of believe that you can achieve anything. Mix it into your blood. Never settle for less!

6) Make conquest your habit- There were defeats, there were setbacks, but Caesar never stopped. Move even if the math is against you. Caesar had his life to loose, what can you possibly loose?


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