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What Is Evolution To Us

Updated on June 5, 2014

What is Evolution To Us

What is Evolution To Us
What is Evolution To Us | Source

What is Evolution To Us


Evolution can be divided into two categories, one by biological, and the other, buy organic evolution.  This is the process by which biological organic evolution changes over time into different variations between individuals or plants.  Evolution is one different characteristic from inherited traits which are passed on from one generation to another.  These inherited traits can be influenced by several factors, when there is a variation in inherited traits within a certain population.  Charles Darwin could be called the father of knowledge in the theories of evolution.  Mr. Darwin describes all living organisms as being beautiful with countless variations of style and beauty within our planet.  There are basically two distinguished forms of evolution in our world today.  One is called the natural selection; this is where substantial survival and or reproducing organisms will different by their heritage traits.  The other natural selection is called the genetic drift or their randomized changes which running to learn more different rates within a population of organisms are biological evolution.


Around the mid-19th century scientists were studying the evolution due to the fossil records which convinced most scientists that species evolve from one trade to another over time.  The device  driving the changes were unclear and two other theories were proposed by Charles Darwin an Alfred Wallace and 1858.  In the 20th century evolution was decided that genetics and other factors unionize together to form a modern evolutionary synthesis.  In the evolution theories surrounding Darwin seem to hold a lot of fact and present data living.  The thought of evolution and exploration for the history and explanation has been proven by life on our planet.


Evolution is basically studied on biological aspects of our world and the changes that evolve from history to the present day, time or world.  Evolution has impacted the agricultural psychological, philosophic and our present situation as birth still evolves.  Evolution exists in a variety of forms from mutations, sex and recombination the population genetics inching flow.  Evolution was basically, and simply about how our world has evolve and changed through the centuries.  The social and antisocial behaviors are part of evolution as well, and the cultural aspects of our world have evolved around these situations.  When there is change in our world there’s change in evolution.  The thought of evolution can be both scary and delightful as we don’t know as humans what’s going to happen next in our world.  This makes the evolution topic a very popular subject to discuss as our world is ever changing.


As with most historians they conceived species and the terms of humans are actual individuals that were either good or bad examples of their patterns of living in nature.  Most individuals in the world are expected to be different and are different.  The historians speak of an average form against people or species were viewed as variable or interceding units back in history.  Humans were thought of as no differently than the biological life that exists now in our world.  We all evolve one where another sometimes by choice, sometimes by the factors in our world.  We either learn how to live with evolution, or have faith in evolution that tragedy is not part of our revolution.


Heredity is part of evolution as well and organisms change as we change for humans as an example hair color and eye color are hereditary from one or two of the parents.  Whether this being humans, animals, or plants they all evolve from hereditary stimuli.  Some aspects of heredity such as dark skin, may not pass from one or other human.  This is a process called organisms phenotype which are not inherited.  In other words they not passed down from the adult to the child are from a plant to its smaller plant.  There’s so much involved in evolution that it would take at least twenty pages for me to explain even a partial list of how our worldly evolves.


In conclusion, evolution cannot be stopped it is part of our culture, world, and how we treat the land, agriculture, and our fellow human beings.  Evolution can be changed by man negatively, and positively.  There are some things in life that man cannot change, nor change the circumstances in the world we live in.  Therefore evolution is a mystery in which we live day by day, mostly not thinking about what could happen if the evolution changes the world overnight.  Evolution is changing every minute of everyone’s life whether you know this or not.  God is the only one that knows what’s going to happen tomorrow, so live your day today as if there is no tomorrow.  Love your fellow man and help your friends out and treat people with respect and do what is right in your mind today.  Evolution is a wonderful thing in a world, we have little, if no control over it and how it will affect us.


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