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What Is Your Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign?

Updated on January 7, 2012

Chinese Zodiac is one part of Chinese culture. At first, some ancient Chinese used 12 different animals to count the year. After a long time, people used these 12 kinds of animals to name the year when someone was born. Chinese Zodiac is based on the circle of 12 years, each of which is named after a animal. And after you reading, you will get a better understanding about origin, your Chinese Zodiac amimal sign and what that animal mean.

How did this came?

There is a old myth about the beginning of Chinese Zodiac. The emperor of the heaven wanted to choose 12 animals to serve as 12 palace guards for him. The fastest 12 animals would win the game and have this honor. The innocent cat asked the rat to help him to sign up, but the rat forgot it completely, and therefore cat has no chance to run the race, and after that the call will chase the rat and swallow it when they meet. The rat went into the nose of the elephant and so the elephant gave up the race. In fact, the ox should be the first to touch the finish line, but the crafty rat sat on the head of the ox and got ahead of the ox in the last second. So the rat came the first, followed by the Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and lastly, the Pig.

























The strengths and weaknesses of Chinese Zodiac Animals

NO.1 Rat: attractiveness, social skills, influence, intelligence, frugal, charm, tension, lust for power, stress the,Cunning, greedy, intervention.
NO.2 OX:integrity, innovation, purposeful, hard-working, stable, good words, stubbornindifference, prejudice, slow, revenge.
NO.3 Tiger: enthusiasm, good luck, courage, charity, charm,authority, impulsive, boasting, irritability, indulgence, disobedience, floating.
NO.4 Rabbit: witty, obsessive, care, skill, longevity, agility, virtue, secretamateur, toocautious, depression, self-hyun, kindness, hope,.
NO.5 Dragon: strength, enthusiasm, success, courage, health, passionate, stiffness,confusion, distrust, boast, dissatisfiedmuch to say.
NO.6 Snake:intuition, wisdom,attractive,smart, careful, sympathetic, cover up, toogreedy, extravagant, arrogant, lazy, narcissistic.
NO.7 Horse:convincingfashion, autonomousforce, sensitive, popular, achievements, selfish, short, arrogant, impatient, resistance,conceited.
NO.8 Goat: invention, fantasy, sensitive, polite, perseverance, taste, dependent, pessimistic, lack of vision,not practical, slow, worried.
NO.9 Monkey: improvisation, leadership, witty, intelligent, stable, loyal, cunning, self-confidence, with the meter, stupid, rap, speculation.
NO.10 Chicken: elastic, conservative, enthusiastic, beautiful,honest, humorous, arrogant, self-hyun, boast, idolatry, debauchery.
NO.11 Dog: persistent, responsible, heroicatmosphere, intelligent, loyal, honorable, moral sense, anxiety, ridicule, criticism, poorsocial, self-righteous, smooth
NO.12 Pig: prudent, pleasures, brave, culture, sincere, honest, gullible, materialistic, anger, indecision, fool.


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    • profile image

      Anton Stserba 5 years ago

      people born in the year of the DRAGON may do what ever they want very tarific love for monkeys.

      Years; 1988,1940,2012,2024,and 1976