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What Not To Do On An Airplane - Airplane Etiquette

Updated on August 11, 2017

What Not To Do On An Airplane - Airplane Etiquette

When I travel on an airplane, I often find myself evaluating the things that I consider proper etiquette on an airplane.

First, let me point out, I love the flight attendants, they have a a difficult job. Just imagine having to be on a plane for hours on end, smiling, well all of them don't smile. Yet, I have a great appreciation for the job they perform each and everyday..

I also have found some of the female attendants to be very attractive. In a nutshell, just be nice to them and treat them with respect too.

When boarding plane limit the amount of luggage you bring aboard, just be mindful of space and be mindful of what you carry on, you must be able to carry off. However, most airlines are very strict about carryon luggage, meaning how much you can bring onto an airplane.

Passengers that bring children onboard, please verify that you have fed your kids before you bring them on a plane. One the most stressing things to hear on a plane, is a kid yelling, crying or wailing on an airplane. A child that roams around freely on a plane is an annoyance as well.

Next, refrain from drinking too much alcohol on the plane. Actually, I have seen people get loaded before they board and after he or she are onboard, they order more booze.

Don't send the messages to others that you have a drinking problem on an airplane. We all are adults, who can legally consume alcohol, know your limits and respect the area with others you are sharing on the plane, the constant aroma of alcohol can be very disturbing to others on a plane too.

Also, try to refrain from bringing pungent food onboard too. Foods with strong aroma, like certain cheeses, fish, etc, would give off that kind of aroma on a plane.

The strong scent of perfume or cologne can cause problems too. My personal preference is, if you are going to wear it, wear the expensive cologne or perfume and lightly apply it.

The other thing that is annoying is when people who choose the window seat are constantly moving around, crossing over another passenger to get to the aisle. If you know you are going to be moving around a lot, purchase an aisle seat please.

It is also considerate to not use both arm rests, save the other one for your other passenger next to you in the next seat. One of the other things that's annoying, is when the person seating in front of you fully reclines their seat and your tray table is in your chin. Just be conscious of the other person sitting behind you on the plane.

Granted, the person behind you is not exempt, I have had people kick the bottom of my seat on an airplane. So, please try not kick the bottom of the seat in front of you when you are sitting on a plane. I try very hard not to do it when I'm on a plane and I wear a size 16 shoe.

The other thing I see is people who cant or won't power off their electronic devices when they are asked to do so on a plane. Just do it, and don't be a pain or a nuisance to others on the plane.

If you are wearing headphones, which you should when listening to a movie or music, adjust your volume, to where no one else can hear your music or sounds coming from your headphones.

Last but not least, don't be a distraction on an airplane, by talking loud, being disruptive, and when departing from the plane, be respectable of others on the plane.

Allow the people in the front rows to gather their things and exit first, don't be a wanker and barge out in the aisle being disruptive.

When a passenger exhibits disruptive behavior, it affects everybody, because if the plane is still in the air, or maybe it is about to depart the hanger, the pilot at his or her discretion will cancel the flight, if he or she feels like your safety and their safety is being compromised on the airplane, so don't be a distraction.


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