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What To Do When The Big Storms Come?

Updated on August 24, 2011

What to Do When the Big Storms Come

What to Do When the Big Storms Come
What to Do When the Big Storms Come | Source

What to Do When the Big Storms Come

What to Do When the Big Storms Come

The year of 2011 has brought about many earthquakes, and storms into America and Japan, to name a few countries; yet what to do when the big storm comes? Interesting thought question and no definitive answer to this one. Japan‘s earthquakes and Nuclear reactor problem was a major catastrophe that will be felt by all the people in the world. This is just not their problem, but our problems when a nuclear reactor burns itself out. Are we so ignorant that we just go about the day and say it’s over, now what’s next. I think if some had it there way this is how we should react and have been reacting to crises that have plagued the United States and Japan since January of this year, 2011.

What is the big storm of the earth going to be like, are we getting a glimpse of what is to come? Questions about drought in the southern areas where water supplies are going dry in America for cities to use are unheard of, but check out Texas and their crisis. This is a danger to all but since it’s in Texas and they are all oil rich and you may live in New York, where you just experienced an earthquake of a small sort. Is Texas worried about you? We are all living for ourselves, and possibly this goes for big business as well. Who cares what is happening in another city for we are trying to get ours taken care of first, type of attitude. Is this the American way , possibly not, it’s the human way of survival and I am able to write this so we are surviving amongst complaints about how this and that is being run , and by what part of the government is responsible. We are responsible, we are the government, the people with kids and cats and dogs run this world.

I love to surf the internet and Dubai , Saudi Arabia is a futuristic world in one city that is being built by peasants living in quarters of eight to twelve men that are dying daily from the heights and pressure of working long hours for cheap pay. This is a crisis in itself and yet we tolerate this because of OPEC and the oil money that Dubai represents to America and their control over the pricing of oil for the world market. The oil prices, are these going to kill us all in the end? The greed, and ever abundance of this product was recently found in the Gulf of Mexico on a new scale of approximately a trillion barrels of oil that could be pumped out but our government says no drilling in the Gulf at this point in time. Why? I have no idea; the mess from BP was cleaned up supposedly or was it hidden to make it look like it was a tragedy that never happened. There are far too many questions and many answers from the wrong people in charge of the system.

We blame the President for many shortcomings’, and yet it would take more than one man to change the entire world from the disasters this country is going through and tends to be staying up. I guess one would have to commend the government for keeping the people at ease with the coming storms we are going through. God knows, that congress and people in Washington have families, and big oil have large families, and they would not want harm to come to these individuals. Therefore, talk radio that blast this and that about our government, may be right to an extent, but forget that we are all still free and most of us are working or trying to make ends meet. The big storms have not come yet , and maybe we are gearing up for them or maybe we are living a little bit at a time, to make for a conglomerate of little storms that will just knock us to our knees as a big one will.

This may sound like a bit of gibberish, yet in thinking of all we have been through already for the year 2011, I am thankful that we have come out of most of this healthy and with not much of a dramatic themed break up of our world. This is not to say that it will not get better or worse, but we have made it through the storms pretty well so far, we need to stop bashing our own people and believe that someone is doing their job right or we would be in a mess right now. Quite possibly we are in a financial mess, but you are still eating, still driving, and free. Be thankful we are still free to move around and see the beauty of the beast, and make sure your kids get to smile on occasion. God wants us all to live unified and live fulfilled lives while we are breathing. The big storm may be coming, and yet little storms can cause a large storm in our world. What will you do when the big storms come, have you made a plan yet?


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      Nizhea 5 years ago

      I don't no what that was

      But it looked like a hurricane it said on the thing that it was a storm but im ltelling u now that was not a storm it was a hurricane