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What Would Happened If The Axis Powers Won The War?

Updated on July 24, 2015
Alternative 20th Century - Nazis Marching Through Washington DC
Alternative 20th Century - Nazis Marching Through Washington DC

Let us imagine it is the eve of the millennium, and the world is counting down the end of the 20th century. Yet let’s assume that this is an alternative timeline to the one we occupy, for in this reality the Axis powers won the Second World War; the Nazis, Japanese and Italians collectively managed to defeat the allies and as such, the outcome of the rest 20th century was very different.

I’m sure the first question on your mind is ‘What altered the outcome of the war for the axis powers to win?’ Whilst there are many possible ways in which the Axis powers could have won the war, let’s assume it was done by the most terrifying way imaginable, the Nazis developed the atomic bomb before the Americans. At the speed in which the Nazis were progressing towards developing the atomic bomb, it is likely that they could have had the atomic weaponry by early 1945. In reality we know this wasn’t the case but the delay in the development of a Nazi atomic bomb could in part blamed on successful attempts by the allies to stall this program. Yet in this alternative timeline, let’s assume any stalling attempts failed and as such, within the early months of 1945, the Nazis had the ability to build and drop atomic bombs.

If this were the case, we can almost be sure the Nazis would have used the bombs without question due to being under heavy attack from both the Soviet Union from the east and allies from the west. So how many bombs would of being developed? And where would they be targeted? Well it is hard to say how many the Nazis would have initially developed but let’s assume it was 3, (the same number the Americans first had).

So where would the bombs being aimed at? Well it is more than likely London would be number one on the list, as the head of the allied war machine (the British government) was based there. In the blink of an eye, millions would be dead and the British government would largely be wiped out, as would our efforts to carry on liberating the rest of Western Europe. Another bomb would almost certainly had struck Moscow, heart of the Soviet Union and as such, having a potentially crippling effect on the Soviet push in Eastern Europe.

The third bomb might not even have to be deployed, instead the Nazis would have blackmailed the Soviets and the Allies to back off immediately. With such destructive power the Nazis now possessed and allies in Europe being in complete disarray, they could easily pushed back and retaken Belgium, France and even the UK. Apart from her distant overseas colonies fighting automatously from each other (and alone) Britain would of being out of the war. What’s left of the western allies, America, would probably made hasty retreat, partly out of fear that somewhere on their homeland, another bomb could of being dropped.

To the East of Europe, though the Russian Red Army would probably carried on fighting, as though their central command had being vaporised, they would probably have switched to a more defensive position, trying to keep hold of Poland, Hungary, etc. Yet a now rejuvenated Germany could easily reclaim lost ground in the East. The chances are that due to continuous defensive aggression from the Soviets, the Nazis may have deployed their third atomic bomb somewhere else on Russia, finally causing the Soviets to march pull back to the motherland.

With Americans and Russians having gone back to their respective countries, the Second World War would effectively have come to an end. It is more than likely that treaties would of being signed between the Nazis and her beaten foes. Though these treaties would obviously be written out largely in favour of the Nazis, and would effectively stop just short of asking the Americans and Russians to surrender. One of the conditions most likely within the Nazi/USA treaty would be that the Americans cease their war on Japan and hand over all their conquered islands to the Japanese.

Humiliated, both America and Russia would no longer become the superpowers they did in our reality, instead they would have being at the mercy of the Axis powers. Yet how long could this temporary truth have lasted? Well to break the near surrender, it’s almost certain the Americans would speeded up their efforts to build their own atomic bomb.

Yet in this timeline, we’d assume that by the time the Americans developed their first atomic bomb, the Nazis would have had many more rolling off the construction line and seeing Americas attempt to build an atomic bomb, they would have given the US government an ultimatum, surrender or be annihilated. As the Nazis were now way ahead of the Americans in atomic technology (as well far more prepared) the Americans would probably have accepted defeat.

With America now under Nazi control, in this disastrous timeline, Hitler could now focus his efforts on conquering the Soviet Union once; perhaps by launching multiple nukes at various Russian cities, effectively causing what left of the Soviet government to surrender.

Fast forward to 1950 and this timeline is now beginning to look very different from the one we live in. The axis powers effectively now rule the world and with his new atomic weapons, Hitler could effectively declare himself dictator of the world. Unfortunately the Nazis ambitions probably wouldn’t have stopped there, as Hitler would probably declared war on his former loyal companions of the war, Japan and Italy (who both profited greatly at the end of the Second World War).

Assuming that the Japanese and Italians had never suspected the Nazis capable of turning against them, their leaders would being taken completely by surprise and seeing the nuclear destruction Hitler had caused to Russia, may agree to ultimately become nothing more than puppet empires for the now truly global Nazi empire.

In this timeline, by 1950s, Hitler could truly call himself the dictator of the world; effectively holding all the puppet governments that serve underneath the Nazis to ransom, obey him of face nuclear annihilation. So fast forward to 31st December 1999, and whilst Hitler by than would long since passed away from old age, the Nazis could still effectively be ruling the world with an iron fist. Any government which wanted to do anything (internally or externally) would have permission from the Nazis first.

Technologically, the Earth in that timeline would probably be not too different technologically to our current timeline. Since once the Nazis had actually conquered the entire world, there really was no need for them to push ahead in developing of newer Wonder Weapons and technological marvels which the Nazis were popular for during the war. Though it would be easy to see that instead of a US flag, there would be a Nazi flag on the moon, maybe even Nazi moon base or manned mission to Mars.

Yet on the surface of the Earth, there would in all likelihood be a huge difference between the wealthy elite and everyone else. If you were fortunate enough to be of German decent (or next best, British) you’d probably find yourself somewhere in the wealthy elite as these were the only two nations which Hitler saw as being of any worth. Furthermore by the end of the 20th century, people of these races would be spread out throughout the world (not just confined to Germany), whilst the remaining races of the world (Africans, Slavs, Orientals, Americans, etc.) would probably be nothing more than a slave class, there to serve the new German (or pro Nazis English) masters, now running their country. Naturally education would only be made available to the wealthy elite, with the others being uneducated slaves whom as such, were less likely to be able to stage any successful long lasting counter-attack. As you may have gathered, if you happened to be of Jewish descent, then in this timeline you’d either being wiped out or gone into hiding due to the sick racist views held within the Nazis party.

One can imagine that in this sick and twisted timeline, the only people celebrating the welcoming of the 21st century would of being the wealthy elite, consisting of the bloodline races who benefited from the Nazis takeover. Everyone else however would most probably be suffering in silence, dreaming of a time before the start World War 2 when the world was a freer and more equal place!


Do You Think 20th Century History Would Turned Out Like This Had Nazis Won The War?

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    • Rchrdsnc profile image

      Carl Richardson 

      3 years ago from Midwest USA

      I often wonder about what the future might bring. It really seems as though the U.S. in talks with Iran shifted its policy toward the Muslim World. After all, there are more of them. Greater gain might result than in opposing even their most outrageous formations.


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