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Know This Before You Further Education or Training Via College

Updated on April 19, 2022
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One who uses self guided education to learn about laws, education systems, etc. and continues to search for new knowledge on a daily basis.

Education and the Role it Plays in Human Rights and Abilities

Education is a topic I am very passionate about as it is so vital to the life and prosperity of the world population. Without a well educated population, the world population could easily be put into the hands of a few very wealthy individuals to control and do with as those wealthy individuals wish.

Creativity, ingenuity, will power, and more could be stifled. For example, right now the EU is trying to pass Article 13 which limits the fair use of copyrighted materials.

As fair use permits, people are free to use copyrighted material for criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), grants, scholarships, and researching.

A world of stifled creativity, ingenuity, and will power doesn't sound like a promising future to me. This is why I want to help make it easier and more affordable to further education. I want to discuss what you will need and how you can get what you need to continue education at a lower cost than what you would pay in a College, University, Technical Institute, or Vocational Institute.

The more educated the population is, the less likely wealthy sociopaths will be able to pass laws that will ultimately kill the creativity, ingenuity, will power, and essence of being of the world population.

Keep some money in your pocket and get an educational degree.
Keep some money in your pocket and get an educational degree.

Take Control of Your Future and Start on the Course to Enlightenment

Of course it is up to the individual to take their education and training into their own hands and decide for themselves. To take on the challenge of turning off the TV and any other distractions for some time to indulge in self guided education.

Once you have made that choice to commit some time to indulge in self guided education, it's time to get in gear and start using your time to discover what resources you will need in order to earn the degree your dream career requires.

Explore What Colleges, Universities, and Other Educational Institutions Have to Offer

Check out what courses online Colleges, Technical Institutions, Universities, etc. are offering in regards to your dream career. You may have to visit or contact them via phone in order to get all the information that you are looking for. The University, College, Vocational school, etc. will be able to provide you with a list of classes that pertain to obtaining a degree in the career choice you made. While you are in contact with the educational institute don't just ask about what classes they offer and are needed in regards to your chosen career path and educational degree you are striving for, but also whether you can test out of any of the courses.

Don't Forget the Books and Supplies You'll Need

Want to know what books are needed to get the educational degree for the career of your choice? You can find out what books and other resources you will need to study for that choice career while you are in contact with the school offering the courses you need. Which ever College, University, Technical, or Vocational Institute that provides courses for your chosen career can provide you with a list of books and supplies you will need in order to study for that career choice.

You can learn anything you want with the right books!
You can learn anything you want with the right books!

Don't overwhelm yourself worrying about buying every book on your list just yet. Focus on one or two courses at a time, then when you have tested and received credits for those classes start on some other classes you need. Check back with the school offering the courses to make sure the required books and supplies for the next class hasn't changed.

Don't Shop at the School Book Store

It's time to buy some text books and supplies now that you have a list of the classes, noted which courses you can test out of, and have a list of the books and supplies needed for the classes required for the degree needed in your chosen career. Text books for school can be pretty expensive especially if you are limiting your shopping to the school book store. When I was getting my degree in Interactive Media and Web Design I found that the books, computer programs, graphics tablet, and other resources I needed for class were much more affordable in stores online. I found the best deals on books and supplies were found in online stores like eBay and Overstock back then, of course that was back in 2009 and things can change. No matter what changes, the best way to save on books and school supplies is to shop around. Just because the book is required for a college course doesn't make it only available at the school book store. Many times a text book is required for a course because the professor deemed it as a worthy educational resource, not because it is a book specifically published and issued for that course.

Get Ahead in Your Education and Career

When I first began on the path of continuing education I attended a Technical Vocational College, where I first learned of the possibility of being able to test out of classes to get credits for a degree. I also learned that I would have to take psychology as it is a required credit needed to get an educational degree. At that time I thought I hated psychology, then I studied more into it and realized that I have a love/hate relationship with psychology. However, psychology is a big player in today's business world. When you understand the human psyche you will know how to advertise, sell, assist, provide services, etc. more effectively and efficiently. Psychology is a business tool that when used right can ensure success in your career. I'd like to suggest a documentary called "The Century of the Self". The documentary will really open your eyes to how much focus businesses put on psychology, amongst other interesting and surprising things. I'll link the first part of 4 below.

Don't Wait Any Longer to Continue Education and Training

When you have the books and supplies required for a class you need for your chosen career get started in your self guided studies right away. You don't want to procrastinate on this as some careers are dynamic in the fact that as time goes on and more information and technologies become known and available, the individual will have to accomodate for the new technologies and information. Besides, there is no reason why you should procrastinate on furthering your education and training when the end goal is to accomplish your dreams.

Retain More Knowledge

Your interest for this career change as well as exploring this knowledge you are wishing to have will play a huge role in how much knowledge you retain from this experience. Many people who have simply attended a higher learning institute say they feel they didn't retain the knowledge they paid for. With self guided education you're not forcing yourself into short time restraints on projects and assignments. I'm not saying you should not give yourself deadlines, as procrastination is bad "mkay", but do give yourself enough time to explore what you want to learn. Exploration and discovery are keys to retaining new knowledge. Explore through the educational materials. Experiment with and learn how to use the tools, programs, etc. needed for your new career so that when you need to utilize that knowledge you can do so easily.

Mastering In Your Career

My last article regarding furthering education discussed how everyday is an opportunity to seize some new knowledge, as well as touched lightly on how you can get a degree without having to pay all the tuition fees for certain careers. It is more of a starting point to further education through independent studies. If you haven't read it yet, it's a pretty good read. It's original debut received an award where I first published it, now you can find it at my homepage on my profile linked above.

Retaining the enlightenment that you gain when you seek to further education for a more successful career is the ultimate goal. When you achieve that goal you can access and utilize that information and skill set easily and efficiently not only to ace the final for that class to earn the credits towards the credentials you need for your chosen career, but throughout your career to bring in more success. Explore through the educational materials, experiment and learn how to use the tools, programs, etc. so that when you need to utilize that education and training can do so easily. Testing out of as many classes as you can will help you save on tuition fees, making it easier and more affordable for you to seek a higher level of education.

I hope this information on what you need for continuing education has helped you take the first step on the path to your new career and a more enlightened life.

If you enjoyed this article, or you found it useful or inspiring, please consider sharing it, giving it a vote up, a rating, like it, bookmark it, add a comment, or whatever you'd like. Thanks for sharing and for your feedback. I greatly appreciate it as it helps me to improve my writing so that it is more enjoyable and helpful for you. Thanks for reading and much love to you.


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