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What do spiders do for us?

Updated on February 24, 2014

Spider Crawling on the Carpet

Little spider, one of many found over time.  This one is from Texas, USA.
Little spider, one of many found over time. This one is from Texas, USA. | Source

Spiders, friends or foes to the human race?

I have to admit, that I would rather spiders be outside as opposed to inside where I am. They are not usually a welcome sight for many people. I do notice that I don't often have the "you must die and fast!" type of response that I see most people have.

For instance, I had a good friend that upon seeing a spider, would go and grab her vacuum and suck that thing right up! It could be a spider or any bug, and I cringed when she told me this story. Come to find out, some other people do similar things with dust busters and small vacuums and the like.

Call me a nut, but I will usually grab a paper cup or a regular cup and a small napkin or plate, gently scoop the spider inside of it, and take it far outside. I know some will think me crazy, and I don't expect that all people do this, but I do think it's a good thing to do. Unless we know its a poisonous spider, why not let it go so it can do what it was intended to do in life? When in doubt, this is my course of action to take.

Why Let A Spider Live?

Are there any plus sides to having spiders on the earth? Unless its an infestation, poisonous or some other problem, why not consider the benefits they can bring? Granted, not all spiders are like beautiful Charlotte, in the Charlotte's Web story. Boy, wouldn't that be nice? It is not, however, so we are left to deal with the reality of spiders, and even sometimes spider right where we are living! Some facts can only help us to understand these creatures more. I am pretty convinced the are not quite the menace we think they are.

Before moving forward, I want to share something that is probably a big obvious thing to share, but it needs to be said in this particular hub. I don't think all these rules necessarily apply to known and poisonous spiders like the brown recluse or black widow spiders, etc. Even then however, I only killed those when I had small children or babies around. Still, I don't go to bat for the poisonous, venomous spiders generally speaking and for obvious reasons.

1. Spiders are beneficial insects - Spiders help keep other pests like small bugs under control. I once heard it put this way, that a spider can catch a large fly that may have soon landed on your food, which later could have made you ill. True or not, you get the idea. Flies carry germs we would rather not have on our food, after walking around on it.

2. Spiders can make beautiful and/or fascinating webs- Have you ever seen a spider's web that just made you stop in your tracks? I have, and they are so very fascinating. They are like works of art, that take some time to make. Again, this is about preference and sometimes fear for some people, but having these spider webs here and there around the outside of your home can be beneficial. We may not even know what they are keeping from getting into our house.

3. They are part of the greater food chain- This point is simple, but true and evident. Without our fascinating food chain, we would not have life as we know it. They make meals of other pests at times, and also can be a meal for a different animal that you might love and think brings beauty to our world. You could be taking a meal from another little creature.

4. The spider you are about to kill, has never hurt you! - Did the spider that you killed or consider killing, ever hurt you, or give you reason to think it would? Not meaning to conjure up any guilt here, but you get the idea. That spider is a small creature that is a miracle in and of itself, like we all are. My thought is, live and let live, and treat others, and creatures the way you would like to be treated.

5. We can learn from and gain perspective from the lives and activities of spiders - Spiders are fascinating creatures that create amazing works of art, and live in a way that we can watch and be amazed by. Small children are often curious and fascinated by these creatures, and can learn quite a bit from them. It is one thing to learn about them in a book, but another thing altogether to watch them. They are hard workers, and have a part in our world.

My hope is that this little article causes us to pause and think before smashing, or killing a spider immediately upon seeing one. The spider in this photo above, was safely moved out of doors to carry on with his life and existence. I think sometimes they get in by mistake, and find it tougher to fend for themselves indoors, what do you think?

© Copyright 2013 by Oceansnsunsets. All Rights Reserved.

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Spider hiding in a flower

A spider hiding in a pink zinnia in my garden.  It would be so easy to miss.   There is one petal, that shows a kind of cloudy whiteness, which the spider is hiding under.
A spider hiding in a pink zinnia in my garden. It would be so easy to miss. There is one petal, that shows a kind of cloudy whiteness, which the spider is hiding under. | Source


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    • oceansnsunsets profile image

      Paula 4 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      Moonlake, I hear you! I don't want any bugs on my body, but especially not jumping ones, that creeps me out. People can't help their first reactions, so that is understandable. The comment about the grown up kids running cracks me up, but there are a lot of people like that! Thanks for your visit, comment and vote.

    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 4 years ago from America

      I try not to kill spiders we don't have poisonous ones here. They just better not crawl on me because my first reaction would be to kill. Our kids run when they see a spider and they're grown-ups.

      Voted up on your hub.