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What is Global Warming and Do We Have It?

Updated on May 27, 2011


The current events in our country and around the world seems to bring forth the question whether global warming is responsible.  Weather is always in a state of change regardless of where you live or in what country you happen to be located either for vacation or as a resident. 

There are many opinions on both sides and this article is not an attempt to settle those differences but to provide information on the concept of global warming so each individual can decide for themselves.  Too many times decisions are made with respect to certain events and global warming I feel appears to be one of those times.

     Granted global warming is a hot topic some days more than others but it is one that is not going to go away anytime soon and we as individuals must understand the issues surrounding it.

The first point to make involves the fact that weather events seem to come in cycles.  Climate changes is sometimes measured in a period of years and in some respects one period is often measured with another as has been the case with recent events such as tornadoes.  The increase in technology resources has given to the rise of information that in many cases is hard to comprehend and absorb.  It is difficult if not impossible sometimes to know the reliability of resources and the information they are presenting. 

     We as individuals usually have our own opinion on things that affect us but global warming if it exists will affect or is affecting us all.  I am not a climate expert and do not pretend to be however, there are indications that the atmospheric temperatures are changing.  The cause of this change is what raises the question about global warming.  Changing temperatures is one thing but how much change is occurring and over what timeframe.  Citizens around the world need to understand the changes that are occurring not just from a government standpoint. 

     The subject of global warming is an interesting topic and as I stated before there is much information to be found on the Internet from both sides.  Overall in principle we may agree on various and we may technically agree that changes are occurring.  Agreeing an issue exist is not the problem it is the approach to address it.  The actions taken by governments around the world related to global warming may or will be different.  Addressing the extent of global warming does not mean we all need to take the same actions within our own country.  Taking any action is better than taking none. 

     Part of the information being exhibited on the Internet and through climate conferences relate to a multitude of atmospheric conditions.  These conditions may be impacted by how we live and produce what we need to sustain life.  The extent of the impact if it exists is open for debate.  Each country has a different set of circumstances from third world countries to the most industrialized countries like the United States.  It is therefore understandable that the actions to be taken, if needed will be different but the actions or inaction will affect everyone. 

    One of the problems with the information when it is presented in many cases is it is slanted to one view or another.  What we as individuals need and have a right to have to make a decision about global warming is to have accurate data side by side either for the position of global warming or the data to show it does not exists.  If such data were presented in this manner we would have to trust the sources of it.  Data that is not reliable is not worth the paper it is printed on and the decisions made on unreliable data can cause bad decisions to be made.   

    Whether global warming exists or not we tend to wait in many instances until something happens to make the necessary changes to prevent future disasters of the same kind.  Today there are efforts in some places to make preparations to protect citizens of any impending changes in the atmosphere that will affect human life.  These efforts are to a large extent being focused on locations that will be impacted by any rise in water levels from the oceans.  Whether there is a real need for these actions is not the point.  Preparation before something happens is the key to survival not after it occurs. 

     To summarize global warming is something we all need to be concerned about and each of us should do what is within our power to affect the changes occurring in a positive way.  Some say that what we do will not greatly impact the climatic changes occurring but if we can impact it at all in a positive way we need to do so.  Some actions may need to take place at the government level in each country.  Decisions made by governments around the world must be made on complete analysis of the situation and what if anything can be done.  I believe that not everything we do impacts the climatic changes occurring but if the connection can be proven then actions may be necessary to make the appropriate changes.  What is appropriate may be a matter of opinion but if we can have an impact on the changes occurring in our climate whether as individuals or governments, we must do so.  We cannot control the actions other countries take with regards to global warming.  Each country must realize that the actions or inactions they take will not only affect their country but it will impact the world.  Let us hope they make the right decisions.



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