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Advice to a Warwick University Fresher

Updated on May 2, 2017

Note about myself

Hi everyone, I'm a third year student at Warwick. The university has its pros and cons however overall I love it. If you are reading this then I assume you are either considering or decided to come to Warwick. This article is any advice/information that I would have found useful as a fresher.

Warwick Uni in Autumn


The Big Beautiful Campus

Warwick university is big, with over 23,000 students you won't find many universities that much larger. This can be a bit intimidating at first however trust me when I say that you wont even notice the size before long, and being such a large university has many advantages that I will come too later.

The university was originally created in 1965, and whilst it's called Warwick University it is actually on the ourskirts of Coventry :( . The architecture is mostly square drab 1960's, however that has its own charm about it after a while. The campus is in a really nice position, close a major town and with tesco just on the edge of campus, however also in the countryside with lovely rolling hills and forests.

Societies and Clubs

In first year I would advise freshers to get involved in lots of societies/sports clubs, even if you go to one event and never go to another. Whilst trying out the societies you will find yourself gravitating towards one or two, these are probably the societies you will be involved in in your 2nd and 3rd years and maybe be part of the exec for. However that is something to worry about later, at first just get involved with as much as you can, you arn't short of choice with over 200 to chose from.

Halls Of Residences

Enjoy your first year being so close to lectures and not having to deal with the U1 bus (Definately not a bitter third year talking ;)).

I spent my first year in Rootes Residences, and would advise it to most people, it is a bit chaotic at times however learning how to deal with this will set you up in good stead for the rest of your time at university and imho life. Rootes is also the most fun halls (Once again, no bias I promise ;) ).

There are many other halls that have en-suite facilities if you feel like you require them. I have heard good things about Arthur Vick and Jack Martin from friends who lived there, however these are also the most oversubscribed.

Due to Warwick having only just enough accommodation for all first years what accommodation you put down as your preference is not necessarily what you will get. Therefore it can be useful to put down your options tactically to avoid being put into Westfield (Longest walk to campus). Claycroft, Rootes and Cryfields are all nice but cheap halls that are also the least oversubscribed.

Lastly, first years all panic about getting housing sorted out by Christmas for second year, don't worry about this. Tara and Co peddle this myth so that they can get their money quicker (grrrr Tara and Co), as long as you are thinking about it and are getting it sorted by end of February you will be fine.


Studying is important, there is no doubt about this. However that doesn't mean that you need to study all the time. Whilst the work load in first year may not be high enough that you "need" to work hard it is good to get yourself into a routine for future years.

It is crucial to have a good social life/work balance, keep on top of deadlines and do a solid couple of hours extra study each day on top of your lectures, when you are studying you are studying and when you are relaxing/socialising dont worry about work. Or explained more succinctly "Work Hard, Play Hard".

Going Out (You all know I mean drinking)

The SU is often underrated by first year students, yes the floor of copper rooms is sticky and Disco Dave is tacky, however it is also only 5mins walk from your bed, drinks and cheap and the bouncers are really nice (In comparison to Smack). Terrace bar is also a great place to chill and the going to the pub quiz in the dirty duck (You need to try their mango cider) with your flatmates is a must.

Kasbah on Mondays is also a favourite with first years, it is closer to campus than Leamington is and the club is huge with a barbeque in the smoking area :D. Beware however Kasbah on a Friday is incredibly busy.

By all means visit Leamington a few times in your first year, however don't worry about going there regularly. In all likely hood you will live in Leamington after first year and it will all be right on your doorstep then.


I hope that you found this article useful, and that you have as wonderful time at Warwick Uni as I have/am. If you have any questions feel free to comment and I will get back to you.


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