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What is a Convergence Culture?

Updated on January 11, 2012

A "Convergence Culture", is a primary culture that is comprised of multiple sub-cultures that have combined various aspects of their culture together, and that strives to create products, organizations, devices, fashions and socially accepted norms based on the needs of all sub-cultures involved in the culture as a whole.

Example of a Convergence Culture

It may be cliche, but America is a really good example of a Convergence culture. It's one country, among many, that have barred no cultures from coming and integrating into the whole and adding their own essence to the culture. Just about any major industrialized nation has become a convergence culture in one way or another.

It happens naturally, as even if you try to force all people into one culture, you end up taking on parts of their cultures to do it. So no matter what, there are always multiple cultures going on in any major culture, as there are in any smaller cultures as well. The convergence just isn't always as obvious in smaller cultures.


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