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What is the Art of Living?

Updated on May 21, 2023

What is Life?

Life is the fact that we are moving amidst nature. This movement, with many other souls, makes our Life rich and happy. But as each human has to earn his living. He/She/They work towards it. We all aspire to gather the basic comforts around us to make our Life pleasant and happy!

Ponder upon

Each day goes by, and have we touched anyone's heart, or at the end of the day, is there anybody who would positively remember us? Is this human Life supposed to go in a monotonous way? Or is there a rule to follow while we are breathing? In other words, what is the Art of Living?

Importance of a breath

Our breath is our Life. This breath allows us to follow our passion and goals each day. With the sunrise to the moon rising, each of us follows a pattern that aches our body and brain muscles, allowing us to sleep tired and long for the next day since the dreams have yet to be fulfilled.

Breath is a critical factor in Life. We have Life because we are breathing. We have our system running because of the breath we take in. None of us are aware of the times we breathe in each day. This oxygen goes into our body, and we get our system running within us. Ever wonder, if oxygen is such our Life, why are we running after other things?

I understand that we have to run after our job since we have food to put on the table, bills to pay, etc. But being aware of our surroundings is an essential element of Life, and we should not shift our focus from it.

An essential element in our Life?

The essential element of our Life is eternal happiness. Eternal bliss can only be achieved when we learn the art of living.

This Art of Living is being considerate, acting kind, learning to give, regardless of the result, and making a motto in Life to touch at least one person's heart each day.

Ponder upon and show our gratitude.

Many of us are fortunate to have a family and good friends. Some need that, and we have to reach out to them and touch them with our kindness and support. The real meaning of Life is to give, and thou shall live just as the plants give oxygen for us to breathe and live.

What is THE Art of Living?

Being kind is the key to the Art of Living. I understand that we cannot be kind under all circumstances, but one can make a call by seeing the possibility and being a judge of it. However, we should not forget that by being kind to others, we are not obliging them in any way, but we are making our hearts healthy by rejoicing at the thought of touching someone that day. We are extending another day in our Life by touching someone's soul. We are going one step backward from negativity, stress, and diseases and towards happiness and contentment in this Life. That will lead us to be at peace.

Being at peace within ourselves frees us from all sorts of attachments and aversions. Can you imagine if everyone is at peace? What a wonderful planet this will be! Peace is such an important factor in everyone's Life, and we all are searching for it by going places, and little do we know that it lies within us; we have to make ways to find it.

We are all in the chakra of Life where an infant, when born, is sent to school to get knowledge since he is ignorant. Attending school is supposed to make him wise, make him aware of his surroundings, and eventually make him an independent person to make the right decisions when Life becomes a challenge for him. Little do we realize that by gaining knowledge, being independent, and learning to face Life on their own, they will also meet all the negativities of Life their fellow men are carrying around. We should be able to draw a line in our lives where we do not allow this negativity to come within our perimeter.

It is up to us how we take on this challenge and learn the Art of Living since we all have the knowledge and awareness but seek around to get it, but little do we realize that it is all within us, and we have to take a moment to reflect on it, and voila we will attain a blissful life!

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