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What is the Role of Research in Deciding Your Future Career?

Updated on March 29, 2012
taking notes from reference
taking notes from reference | Source

Allow me to begin by telling you the best definition I read about the ultimate goal of RESEARCH (which I totally agree) – that is, to improve the quality of life. No matter what course, what field you have taken, every researched made in these fields lead to this ultimate goal. We have clear picture of what we should be working towards and hold us on the right direction by simply knowing this ultimate goal.

Maybe you’ll be wondering how research plays a big role in our career. When I was in college, research has been part of our course curriculum. It’s a common misconception that research is only for big-time professionals and experts. This is not right! Indeed, the research we did before is not an extensive research. I believe our professor just wants us to have a small taste of how research is done by experts or big-time professionals on large companies. However, it definitely plays an important role in preparing us for the future. I may sound pretty big-headed but I think having a background in research will help me to bravely walk inside the companies and tell them to hire me. I am very fascinated by the thought that it was a great thing that I had a research subject before. Having trained in the various tasks of research related to the field you took earlier is an edge. Doing research diligently on your student days, means reading all articles extensively and having an interest on and it will turn into something useful for you and your future career. What matters most is what you have learned along the way.

So, what is the role of research in choosing my career path? It took me a long time on pondering just to answer this question. So here are my answers:

Research identifies your interest

This is the most vital role of research in our careers. In doing research, make sure it captures your interest. It’s more fun to work on something you like, right? As early as possible, you should know the areas of your interests because this would lead us to where we are supposed to go. An opening to the career path that you will never regret! By merely discovering your interest will give you great ideas and opportunities so you can set your focus. Having your interest established will give you the right direction for your chosen career because if you don’t it will be useless and boring.

Research motivates and encourages vital and innovative thinking

In doing research, it’s a must to read between the lines and to look into things that are relative. It plays a big role in satisfying our never-ending quest for better ways of living. However, we need to encourage ourselves to think critically about the things that needs to be improve and to think innovatively on hot to improve that.

Research introduces new theory

With research, we can gain access to great ideas and undiscovered concepts. Research molds us into a young professional. The good thing of having a strict requirement of research is to discipline us and to venture and test our limits. We become strong and competitive individual. To attain a successful career, we need to have a strict discipline.

I salute to those people who made great and successful research! They made a great contribution for the improvement of our society. Someday, I will be proud to be one of being looked up to. I know I just made pretty words to flatter myself. But somehow, I mean it. My ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life.


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