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What is the biggest scam that every Indian must be aware of?

Updated on August 16, 2016

I had to create this response. I have you learn it and I say sorry it is a little lengthy but worth reading

I was in my 1st season of business lifestyle and wasn’t quite enthusiastic about my job.

I had this higher education buddy (my best friend) in my company and we would decide concepts of beginning up our own company at some point.

After few times my buddy would sent an email saying he has signed up with a begin up and would soon be resigning. I recommended him.

Friend : I have signed up with a start-up company and it is extreme fun. The company concept is very excellent.

Me : Congratulations ! this is what you were looking for. Wish you be successful and let me know if I am of any help.

Friend : Yes sure. Did you check out my new Facebook or myspace image. I went to Dubai for one of conferences.

ME : Wow ! your company seems to be exciting. Going on international visits. What is the company all about?

Friend : Can’t describe it here. We will come across some day and will show you you in depth.

Me : Sure ! Let me know when you are 100 % free.

After few times.

Friend : You know I have gained approximately INR 2 lacs from my company in last two month

Me : Oh ! Seems you are working really hard.

Friend : Yes and I am intending to buy Ford Town.

Me : Wow ! I am so satisfied for you.

Friend : Even my older sibling is about to go away his job at Microsof company. He is making 18 lacs yearly but he will be focusing on the corporation completely now.

Me : This appears to be pomising.

Few times later

Friend : Are you 100 % free this Weekend night. We can fulfill at Barista

Me : Yes I am 100 % free, anything unique ?

Friend : Really, I desired to discuss about the company concept I talked about, let me know if you are fascinated. I have known as one of my elderly people and she will show you it to you in depth.

Me : Sure I will be there.

Friend : But pay attention, since this is a start-up and a company we need some financial commitment originally.

Me : Okay If I like the company concept , I will definitely play a role.

Meeting at Barrister.

Friend, A mature, Me

Senior : How much do you earn?

Me : Blah Blah

Senior : I was making the same yearly ago since I stop my job at New samsung for this Business. I am having a Ford Town and soon will buy a Vw. Next 30 days we have company company in Malaysia.

Me : Quietly Hearing.

Senior : I want my mom to have a financial institution card with endless stability and a person who can always be there to take wherever she wants.

Me : Hearing.

Senior : Keeping up with of Q-Net.

Me : No

Senior : This is name of our Company. The cash is similarly allocated among all the associates. You will get the benefit every Wednesday in your money.

Me : What is the company strategy

Senior : You have to buy the product and we will be sending you the facts. Then you need to discuss this concept further. Even if you don’t discuss and any of the company associate stocks it. You will get the benefit every Wednesday.

Me : hmm (Blank experience, looking at my friend).

Senior : The participation would be approximately 4 lacs and you will quickly restore it in 2 several weeks.

Me : I don’t have that type of cash.

Senior : Don’t fear. We have a message in ICICI Bank and you will quickly get personal financial institution loan. Just let us know your deal with and the borrowed funds broker will achieve your home the next day.

Me : Hmm

Senior : So are you prepared to be a part of us and Be our associate.

Me : Looking towards my buddy and getting a “Trust Me” look. I said YES

Senior : Good and just a recommendation. Don’t tell your mom and father about this, provide them with the shock when you begin making the benefit every Wednesday.

Me : Okay.

Senior : Can you discuss over some participation and complete this type. So that you will formally be a part of our company.

Me : How much?

Senior : 30K

Me : Okay. Again looking at my buddy.

Said GoodBye to the mature. Went to close by ATM and provided 30K to my buddy.

I realized I did something incorrect. Researched Q-Net and got to know about the most important frauds. How they attract younger innocents in the interest of cash.

Called my buddy instantly, inquired him about the same. He said that “Rising organizations always get bad reviews” Believe in me.

I known as few of my local freinds and got to know that I was misled that too by my closest buddy.

I known as several times to my Friend and said him I don’t want to be a part of the company and want my cash return again.

Friend : Why are you concerned about the internet opinions. You'll find out how to selling those products. You will get coaching.

Me : You should have said this before at least. I am your buddy, just in the interest of getting benefit you drawn me into this.

Friend : You will not comprehend. We are doing this for the close relatives.

Me : I do not want to do anything for my loved ones members. I want my cash return again.

Friend : Sorry that is not possible. Somebody has already purchased the program on your part.

Me : Weeping (Girls usually do this , when they can’t do anything)

Friend : Dangles Up.

Friendship Damaged permanently. Missing trust on buddies. Missing trust on individuals.

I may appear ridiculous. But in the past I had this understanding that buddies are lifestyle. We increased up together during our higher education times. Never thought the buddy with whom I giggled, cried, bunked sessions had so many remembrances would betray in such a way.
I could die for my local freinds a while ago but now I am rudest of all.

Never trust anyone apart from your mom and father. Individuals never extra you from using for their own advantages.

Never give cash to anyone if don’t have an effective invoice. Research about the company. Consult individuals before making a good financial commitment.

About Q-Net : It is scams company. Appealing younger Indians to generate big cash here real fast. They have some published programs for which they provide coaching to the already stuck young people so that they can snare some more. You can just learn about Q-net on search engines and would get a various content. I know most of you people would already know. But younger and innocent and some ridiculous like me can be stuck when you believe in buddies more than yourself. You will required to buy vacation offers or some other offers of 4 -5 lakhs and then add 3 individuals your system. This way they generate benefit.


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