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Uses for Used Medical and Health Equipment

Updated on May 6, 2013

Recycling used medical equipment keeps these item out of our land fills and helps the environment. Because the medical field is strict with having everything sterile and new some items can't be recycled or used again. Many machines, furniture and fixtures can be used again for many uses. Some companies will even pay you a finders fee if you give them a lead on used medical equipment.


Used medical equipment can be donated to charitable causes around the world. Some items help with medical clinics in poverty stricken areas of the world. For example ultra sound machines, hospital beds and other outdated equipment can be a God send for a doctor in a run down clinic in a third world country. Donations can also be made to individuals in poverty situations. For example crutches, wheel chairs and nebulizers are all ideal to donate to individuals.


Refurbishing broken or worn out medical equipment as well as equipment that is in running order can be sold for profit. You can find used medical equipment at auctions. Some auctions are from hospitals and clinics that are closing and some are from outdated equipment that has been replaced by the latest version of it. For example if a clinic gets all new x-ray machines the clinic may auction off all of the old machines. You can then buy the machines and resell them for a profit. Knowing the going rate for the used equipment is required to buy low and sell high.

Parting Out the Equipment

Buying used medical equipment and parting it out is also a profitable option. There are many parts that can be sold individually out of many medical machines. Gaining knowledge of what sells and what machines to locate the items in is required to turn a profit. If you need specific items that can be found in used medical equipment it may be an economical way to purchase the items rather than buying them retail.

Veterinarian Uses

Many medical items that are used on humans can be used on animals. Used medical equipment can be purchased or donated to a veterinarian hospital to improve the care they can give to the animals. For example, just like pregnant humans, pregnant animals can be examined using an ultrasound machine to see the fetus growing inside of them. Therefor a used ultrasound machine is ideal for a veterinarian to have in the hospital.


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    • Londonlady profile image

      Laura Writes 7 years ago

      I'm sure a lot of war-torn or natural disaster stricken countries could make use of all of these :(

      Great hub! Voted UP! :)