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Whats God's opinion of the human drama on this stage (we call Earth) so far?-

Updated on June 19, 2013

can we trust our Governments to save OUR planet

Here we are 2013, - so many human struggles through the millenia,fighting for democracy justice--peace--Yet how far have we actually come to obtain these.? We look around us corruption abound in high places-around OUR world-Governments-Banks Church Religious leaders-etc etc..So we gave all these figures/ organisations our trust our devotion our time to act for us on our behalf,yet our planet is now possibly in a bigger crisis than these people in high places tell us than ever has been in our history before.(By now its probable you may think or say ' oh no ,not another apocoliptic scare mongerer),-well I am sorry but if you do you are wrong.

There is no need to go on about all the ecological disasters and possible future disasters,most of us know that or should do by now. But our politicians and many public leaders havn't found the answer, and are likely ignoring vital questions ,they should seriouslly be looking at and helping GENUINELY to answer them.

With hundreds of species of our wildlife becoming exctinct every day,on an unpecidented scale ,and the vital organs of our planet our trees being cut down at such a rate never before witnessed.Multitudes of questions arise,,more and people are asking NOW more than ever.

The issues NOW before us all have gone beyond,the mentality -oh my neighbours got more than me-or that country has got more than me.Just because a country has a different language and culture,doesn't mean they are a threat. Yes fear is abound all around OUR world NOW,in the streets in OUR Governments/leaders. We have all these Global Summits etc etc..but there has only been a few serious committments by a few countries to protect some aspects of what is now termed 'global warming. By now'God' surely must be asking him/herself some serious questions in OUR failure to steward- HIS/HER/ -our world. But oppurtunity is there for a quantum change in attitudes of our Leaders/Governments awareness/and positive action to take seriouslly to our environmental problems and FOCUS on steering their ship into calm and peaceful waters leading and encouraging a unified stewardship of our planet, NOW.


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