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What's Going On In Space?

Updated on October 27, 2012

Changes to life on Earth?

ISS (International Space Station) to be dumped in the sea

Plans have just been announced to dump the International Space Station (ISS) into the ocean in 2020 after spending a total of $150 billion developing it. Originally the date was set to 2015. NASA claim the move will help prevent build-up of space junk and debris.

Water Abundant In Space

The news comes just a few days after NASA announced that two teams of astronomers had found probably the most significant scientific discovery of all time and history - a gigantic reservoir of water in space located 12 billion lightyears away from Earth being dispersed from a supermassive black hole, known as a quasar. The quasar boasts an enormous 140 trillion times the amount of water than there is in Earth's oceans. The black hole is 20 billion times bigger than our sun.

Earth's Magnetosphere and the Sun's Heliosphere

In 2008 NASA announced that they had discovered a gigantic breach in Earth's magnetosphere, the protective bubble that protects us from solar storms, flares and radiation. The rip is four times wider than Earth itself and in addition our sun's heliosphere, also a protective bubble, has depleted by 25% over the last decade. The sun's heliosphere protects us from galactic radiation that can cause changes to DNA.

Sun's Cycle of Solar Flares

Every 11 years the sun goes through a cycle of inactivity before shooting out solar flares into space. The protective barriers (heliosphere and magnetosphere) protect us from these threats. Some scientists now believe that if the solar flares expected around 2012/2013 are powerful enough then they could wipe out all communications satellites and possibly even cause a worlwide blackout and potentially harm life on Earth. After the discovery of the breach in Earth's magnetosphere NASA starting developing a solar shield to protect their satellites. Researchers at the University of New Hampshire believe that reconnection at the poles is the solution hence the conspiracy theories of needing to induce a pole shift in 2012. Alex Collier claims there are extra terrestrial craft under the ocean preventing this from happening. Some governments are planning on cutting all power before the expected solar storm in order to prevent damage being done to their power grids. Oddly enough, many crop circles that remain unexplained and are clearly created with some kind of advanced technology seem to imply that changes to DNA could be coming.


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