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What's That Awful Smell? Must Be Accumulated Bitter Dross in My Life

Updated on September 18, 2010

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analysis

Now is the Hour to De-ass!
Now is the Hour to De-ass!

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Working with Unavoidable Stench of Remorse

Life continually disintegrates. Nothing remains static and unchanged. “Seasons change: People don’t.” A swirling, whirling intricately involved mass of “burning up the dross” occurs every second we breathe. We, as human beings, constitute the refuse for combustion.

No matter how our minds interpret the surrounding events, we are constantly in the process of breaking down, dissolving and terminating our present apparently perceived ‘fixed’ state. All is light; {nitrogenic gas} all is energy. Relating to the accelerated vibration is the key.

Every conceivable and inconceivable thing, both in darkness and daylight, in solidity and diffusion, in liquid and ether, radiates and permeates burning rays of oscillation. Production of stench is unavoidable when moving through the piles of accumulated rubbish.

Through the events, situations, circumstances and involvements we participate in each day are our particular perceptive level of vibrations being altered. In order to establish and maintain a specified ray of light and to be able to yield to the light necessary fluctuations are called for. Up until present time, we did not possess nor actively participate in the wielding of the light nor the energy possessed in that light, but “tossed about by every wind of doctrine.”

Now, by the awareness of the transmigration process of inner mixing, weaving, blending, harmonizing of this light energy through the method of differential osmosis, are we are able to select, initiate and integrate the TWO PARTS OF IMPERSONAL DIVINE will needed to transform and transcend. Transcend what? [Our personal belief that we are capable of altering any remote aspect of our chosen destiny with rational focused intent.]

In other words, our so-called Divine purpose {laid out in various upsetting stinking occurrences} deliberately migrates, initiates, and frustrates the mission of our soul! It is in the unsettling vibration of all things that sheer freedom from emotional bondage is experienced.

These vibrating traits of liberating necessity are hidden in and around everything, everyday, everyway. Unless we are completely free of any sort of personal biased agenda, however, we can in no wise, experience this profuse sacred dimension.

No longer can there be any personal ambition, greed, lust or envy present to secure ‘more’. We are up and about thy Father’s/Mother's delegated celestial business, alone.

We are currently working with something that has been referred to as astral light but we tell thee truly sanctified light is found in EVERYTHING [not just the things that are pleasant, beautiful, preferred and desirable]!

A Cosmic Stream of electricity runs throughout our body. We must learn to use it in the process of transformation. The only way to do this is to ‘tune into our gut’ by passing our BETRAYING ears, eyes and mouth.

Listen, observe and follow the command of our feet (from which the subconscious resides and acts) that are directly attuned to the light of the earth’s cosmic vibrations. Our subconscious will [which is the authentic seat of celestial light] only responds to inadvertent guidance. In other words, what appears to make sense to us is unimportant.

We may even deem it unnecessary, unfamiliar and unpleasant! But, to the celestial light, our preferences don’t matter and are not in the least considered as pertinent. She (the subconscious celestial light of vibration) guides and releases coveted secrets yet unveiled, to us, in the air we breathe, food we eat, water we consume, words we speak and actions we take by employing those incredibly simple and seemingly insignificant things by and through sound frequencies released in the sense of SMELL. Yes, smell.

We have often heard it said, “Something just doesn’t smell right,” or “I smell a rat.” Indeed, so. Smell alerts us to upcoming attractions but we often misread/misinterpret the reviews.

Our sacred subconscious mind possessing indomitable will is located in the GUT and is registered in the feet. It sends an unmitigated electrical frequency to the esoteric human receptacle: the nose.

The nose immediately records the information through an ancient process of unimaginable selectivity and indiscriminate initiative. In this unlikely mechanism of human understanding, {linked to fragrance alone} have we been given the power to transform ourselves for further evolution.

But, only with total abandon and surrender to the inexplicable ‘smelly’ circumstances of our lives. We must willingly agree to digest our unsavory parts of our lives completely.

Digestion (the process) begins with smell. Fragrance determines the subconscious’ response. Depending how efficiently we CHEW our food (substance of life) are realizations of enlightenment attained. Sufficient ingestion demands proper digestion and adequate assimilation of the various ‘sometimes noxious’ elements.

The subconscious (gut – feet) are totally responsible for the extraction of elements needed. We, as the self conscious thinking emotional entity have no idea of the necessary food the subconscious needs in order to perfect and transform itself.

That is the problem in a nutshell. Our insistent need to control and reluctant hesitance hinders the regeneration process. Certain foods (events) which seem unsavory, unpleasant and unhealthy are vital to our particular place on the ladder of expansion. Learning to trust the gut by following and accepting our feet’s placement precisely will enable us to receive and consume essential nutrients for elevated personal (universal) consumption.

IF we want to ascend , we must descend.

In order to wake up, rise up, be shaken up (whirled into transformation) we must vow to pay attention to our gut and feet, thereby recognizing ‘smell’ as our guiding lantern.. This effort will require constant, committed vigilant unrelenting labor upon ourselves and actions.

We simply must be present. It is in the shifting vibration of inexplicable patterns of chaos located in all contrary things that sheer freedom is experienced. These light expanding opposing nutrients are hidden in and around you everyday, everyway.

Unless we are completely free of any sort of personal agenda, we can in no wise experience this ridiculously sacred dimension. No longer can there be any personal ambition, greed, lust or envy present for “Better” situations. Take a deep breath and receive the best life offers! Feel it in the holy ‘gut’!


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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      8 years ago from London, UK

      Wow, that was a load to digest but thank you for putting in so many different thoughts.


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