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What's the Answer-More crazy quiz questions

Updated on June 3, 2010

More crazy questions

Here is a follow up to Crazy quiz questions with More crazy quiz questions!There are another 10 questions for the quiz masters, and the answers are not all that straightforward.So test your knowledge again and see how many you know.Answers at bottom of the page and no cheating!

Give us a Clue ?

  1. What type of creature was Buffalo Bill famous for killing?
  2. Where does Juliet stand in her famous balcony scene of Romeo & Juliet ?
  3. In England what day followed September 2nd in 1752?
  4. The Caspian Sea is the world's largest what ?
  5. To what planet do Abbot & Costello travel in Abbot & Costello Go To Mars?
  6. It was predicted Henry IV would die in Jerusalem and he did.In which town did he die?
  7. In which city were The Plymouth Bretheren found?
  8. On what side of the moon is the Eastern Sea?
  9. Including Queen Elizabeth II, how many Queen Elizabeth's have there been?
  10. In 1999 the world's population was estimated at 6 Billion people.Approximately how many of them lived on the surface of the earth?

Now Those Easy Answers

  1. Bison - Buffalo are found in Africa & India.
  2. On the floor beside an open window.
  3. September 14th 1752 - it adopted the Georgian calendar.
  4. Lake
  5. Venus
  6. London. He died in Jerusalem Chapel in Westminster Abbey in 1413.
  7. Dublin, about 1827, by the Reverend John Darby.
  8. West owing to a policy decision by the International Astronomical Union reversing lunar east and west, the Eastern Sea is now on the western limb of the moon.
  9. Five.  Edward IV's consort, Henry VII's consort, Queen Elizabeth I, George VI's consort and Queen Elizabeth II.
  10. Exactly none. The actual surface of the earth, as defined by astronomers, is the outer edge of the atmosphere, about 100 miles above our heads.

Your Answers

So how did you do? Let me know


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