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It's the Law! What is your Authority?

Updated on December 20, 2011

So you want to be law student !

As a female Collegue said some time ago. Didn't you know that Slavery was outlawed two centuries ago(referring to a Law student's life) O'h my God ! One of the relentless joys of being a Law Student is grappling with the Law, both how you perceive it, and how the old Law School Professors see it.

Often, quite often in fact, never the twain shall meet. Whats your authority they will bark. referring to thew fact that you need to refer to a particular case like Donahue v Stevenson (1932) for instance about a particular maxim on law that is now followed. One of the legendary rumpole style characters of this University and Senior Lecturers here at who's renowned and has been teaching the same subject for over thirty years some say since Adam was aboy !. "The law is not the law according to Rutherford's law. "And so forth and so on, and so on and so forth.

First year

First years get a particularly hard time they turn up all keen and enthusiastic hoping dreaming that they are going to go on and make the world a better place. All around there is eye candy for the broken hearted. Voluptuous model like figure sporting alluring attire. hormone running hot it seems like a great place to be.

Then like waking up from the night before it hits you like a shipping container dropped from a 100 feet splat. your now at law school and your going to have to spend what are seemingly endless hours trudging through cases from the eighteenth and nineteen century on definition meanings and points of law. for instance what is a carriage ? does that include a horse drawn cart ? and a bicycle like a penny farthing. And so it goes on page after page, paragraph after paragraph and here you are in twenty-ten trying to justify to yourself and the rest of the world that your worthy of the 60,000 dollar investment that is going into you in Law School. The heart and mind wanders groping for oxygen,for wisdom, for meaning, for hope.

second year

By the time second year comes around youve kind of decided either to quit or slog on. Which is what I decide to do. Slog on that is !  It has been said by more than one law student that the reason the do Law is because Torture is now illegal so they might as well utilise a substitue which includes studying law.

Good thing about second year is that you should have figured out what the lecturers want as in the standard and style of assignment required. With practice of course things are so much easier. Just like writing hubs you get more confident the more yo do. So it is with essays, literature reviews, reports and similar.


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