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When Forgiveness is No Longer An Option

Updated on March 5, 2012

A Post On My Hub Asking Everyone to Remember the Victims and Not David Alan Gore in the His Execution Date

I thought Ihad written a beautiful tribute to my friend whose life was take without mercy as she was raped, tortured. mutilated and finally murdered attempting to flee her torture David Alan Gore. Was I not clear he shot her in the back as she ran naked in broad day light screaming for help as he pursued her. He shot her once and then stood over her lifeless body and shot her again.

He did not flinch in doing so and has bragged for many years he has been a cannibal. He has never shown any remorse or apologized for taking this young girl's life. He has never apologized for the completed devastation she has caused this family and the other families of his victims.

I was clear I knew more details then that were released to the public. Everyone in this town knew more then those who sit on the outside looking in. One of ours was murdered and horrifically. We take that personally. My friend, Lynn Elliot broke free from her captures after days of torture and made a run for it because she knew if she didn't try to escape they were dead for certain. And there was a 13 year old girl in the house with Lynn. I will not release the name of this person. I am hoping the day David Alan Gore dies she will finally be free of the nightmares he has caused her. But I continued to be friends with this person after all of this happened to her. And she had a terrible time of it growing up. And I have waited for years and years and years for this guy to finally meet his justice. Not many do in this state and we have some really bad criminals here. But I was so happy my friend and her family could finally rest in peace until some well intended person from the outside posted and very insensitive comment from the outside which had no barring on David Alan Gore receiving his justice. Remeber I knew the witnesses involved in the murder of Lynn Elliot and what transpired in the house for the days leading up to Lynn Elliot's murder to both Lynn and the 13 year old girl that was in the house.

So I recieved this post on my Hub which I blocked and decided to make a hub out of it.

I am Fr. Bill Carmody, I am pastor for Angelika Hommell who was raped and beaten by David Gore and Fred Waterfield and by the Grace of God excaped. She was one of only two witnesses that testified in the case, all others were killed by Fred and Dave. Angelika sees a very different person than you do. Fred was the mastermind behind her rape and atempted killing. Dave Gore was a follower and did not use his brain very well. Angelika is against the death penalty and so am I. Yet, she was raped by Fred and Dave and still wants them to live. They were never prosecuted for the rape and attempted murder of Angelika, if they had been convicted, they would not have been able to go on the killing spree that they did. Angelika was called a lier in spite of a medical exam that proved the rape. Killing Dave may ease your conscience but not Angelika's Fred can still get parole, He and Dave are equally guilty. Why does Dave get the death penalty and Fred can get parole for the same crime? Simple Fred's family had money and got a good lawyer, Dave had no money and got a public defender. Again the penal system and the death penalty is used to kill the poor person and the rich person who committed the same crime may get out someday. That is not my definition of justice.

First I have to wonder if this Father is illiterate or just had too much wine at lunch?

1) I am not pro-death penalty and had this not directly involved my friends and family I would not have commented on this case at all. I think I was very clear about this.

2) Fred Waterfield and David Gore are being executed on the same day. So money had nothing to do with either one of their sentences. As a matter of fact for the area they both were considered quite impoversied.

3) Father Carmondy needs to revise his writing and I don't say that lightly. I make quite a few errors myself. He would have to have particularly poor spelling and grammar for me to even mention it.

4) Father Carmondy is all the way in Colorado and is referrring to a victim who survived. Hommel wishes to forgive she can she survived and Gore and Waterfield were never even convicted. Lynn Elliot was murdered. Once a person is murdered there can be no forgiveness. The door is shut forever on forgiveness once a murder takes place. So while I appreciate the Father's view for forgiving a rapist which is a weak position to be in as a Catholic priest, I submit it is irrelevant as he is not writing about a homicide.

5) Should Catholic Priest be allowed to spout off such ignorance when in fact Hommel was not the only surviving victim, as an outsider from Colorado and project his value system on to me when my friend has been murdered? I don't think so but please call him and let him know that when someone rapes, tortures, mutilates and murders a teenage girl there can be no forgiveness. I don't believe in forgiveness for sex offenders ether just to be abundantly clear and as a Bosch it is my prerogatives. And in the end the Father will understand it is my forgiveness he will need most.

Catholic Church Complaining About Wealth in America?

And finally Father Bill Carmody little view of the world from his one follower who never even got David Alan Gore or Fred Waterfield convicted of rape has tainted the Father's judgement. He claims that judicial system is tainted by money. It is as if he is saying the judicial system is selling indulgences like rape and murder? Could you imagine an institution doing such a thing? I can't think of one....well some where vaguely I remember some religious organization that use to sell indulgences? Who could it be? I just can't seem to remember but certainly they have learned their lesson by now and would never sanction or forgive such heinous crimes now. Right, especailly based on one persons opinion that was not ever found to be a victim of the heinous crimes David Alan Gore and Fred Waterfield were accused of? I bet Hommel can forgive Gore and Waterfield were never found guilty of doing anything to her let alone murdering her!!

And if I were that particularly wealthy religious institution which is trying to resell indulgences which is in the worst position in the world to forgive sexual crimes, I think I might take up a collection for a victims fund for the families or the victims to help cover any expenses that might be incurred in attending the execution. Because one person who wasn't even found to be a victim of David Gore and Fred Waterfield doesn't make a compelling case for anything let alone for forgveness especially since they survived what hasn't even been deemed as a crime and don't even know the families and were not friends of the victims.

Hommel has nothing to do with Lynn Elliot not David Alan Gore's execution since he wsn't found guilt of doing anything to her. If you think rapists, tortures, mulitaltors, cannibals and murders of young young women, your family and closes friends should receive forgiveness then contact He is selling all of these indulgences and more.


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Lord you are going to heaven. I know you my friend. The Father didn't even read the article or he would have known both Waterfield and Gore being executed on the same day.

      Trust me my friend if the shoe were on the other foot and it were your murder on death row, I would feel exactly the same way. Sadly, as a Bosch, when I love someone I love them and will eternally. The Bosch family is the pillar of the Roman Catholic Church. All my friends have my love and loyalty. I am very guilty of caring for them intensely.

      Oh it was a bit funny about the selling of indulgences. It did amuse you for a few moments. My shoulder is shredded and I have to file a final document by the end of the week and then I will win.

      I just am glad the rapists, tottures, mutilators, and murders are on the fast path to hell through the death penalty this month. April 12, 2012 is the day to celebrate my friends life. A life she was not able to celebrate for herself because her life was stolen from her at such a young age. There can be no forgiveness for crimes in wnich a person dies.

      Thanks for reading and commenting and I will try to write a bit more light hearted once I get through this child support nightmare and my shoulder surgery which I have no one to watch my son.

      Take care my friend and I love you as a dear friend D.


    • Lord De Cross profile image

      Joseph De Cross 

      6 years ago from New York

      gEEZ! I felt the need of some indulgence, but this is way to much to handle for me. I do not support rapists at all. They are heading to hell anyway



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