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Are you Prepared? ISHTF Survival Guide

Updated on April 18, 2013

Survival - ISHTF, It's Too Late to Prepare!

How many times have we seen it played over and over again on TV. The world as we know it ends with only a few survivors left. While this makes for a good Hollywood movie. Although, in real life, we are very likely to encounter a flood, tornado or other man made or natural disaster.

So how many of you, have food and other basic survival gear stashed away in order to survive in reasonable comfort for 48 to 72 hours before help could arrive? A survival pack or bug-out-bag is something everyone should have put aside for each member of their family and pets. Think of it as inexpensive LIFE insurance.

Survival Gear Need Not Put a Strain on The Family Budget

Some of the most common excuses for not stocking up on food and other survival gear.

"It's too expensive, nothing will ever happen and we can't afford buying extra food and survival gear."

It's a known fact that many people tend put off buying needed supplies for a disaster or emergency situation. Being prepared does not have to put a cramp on your budget. Start off with spending as little as $5 a week at the super market and buy food items with a long shelf life. Canned foods, dry rice and beans are perfect as they last a long time before they need to be replaced. Always rotate your food and mark the date it expires prominently on the box or can in several locations. This way it's to see when it is about to expire and you can use it or donate it rather than have it go to waste. It's always better to buy what you like to eat and keep rotating your food so very little goes to waste.

If you would like food that has a much longer shelf life, check out the camping section in Walmart, they carry ready to eat MRE dehydrated meals. The advantage of these meals besides their long shelf life, is you just need to add hot water and they are ready to eat right out of the foil packet.

Clean Water - Without it Survival is Impossible

The body can survive much longer without food than water. In a survival situation, clean water is something that will be more valuable than gold. Many people don't realize they already have 60 or 70 gallons of drinkable water stored in their homes. That's right, your hot water heater is a source of clean water even when the power goes out. Make sure you have a short hose that can be attached to the bottom drain to fill up water bottles. If you know the power is going to go out for a while, fill up the bath tub with water, which can than be used for flushing toilets or drinking and cooking.

If you have a source of water available that is suspect, boiling water for three minutes is the safest way to kill any bacteria. Filter water first with a coffee filter to get out any debris. Or, buy one of the portable hiking filters that will filter any dirt and most bacteria out of the water.


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