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When Your Dreams Shatter who Picks THEM Up? You‎.

Updated on July 29, 2015

Buddha and Nirvana Jesus Salvation


When Your Dreams Shatter who Picks THEM Up? You‎.

When Your Dreams Shatter who Picks THEM Up?


With the aid of time circumstances grace mercy

and Kindness of your support structure and the

higher ‎power you believe in, God.

What causes a dream to shatter?

Perhaps we are young and we can not yet be held

accountable for our thoughts motives actions and

deeds. Yet ultimately the choices our choices no

matter how young will haunt us when we are no

longer in the care ‎of our parents.

Where do our dreams come from? Society.

From when we are born our parents give us a

name ‎and we automatically inherit either our

mother or fathers surname.

Our mother inherits our fathers surname who

Inherited his father's surname, if his mother or

father were married, whom we know as our grand

mother and grand father.

Yet let us take a closer look our co existence into

earth ‎it may not be as mandatory as we believe.

Should for some reason our parents fall in Love yet

when‎ the child is born for some reason, be it

commitment and trust issues either party decides

they made a grave mistake by bringing a child

into this‎ world and they no longer want to be a

part of this reality, as beautiful as the act is the

reality ‎maybe painful.

Should the mother keep the child a fatherless

child , the child will bear the surname of the

mother. I can not even begin to image or picture

in my heart the pain the mother mum feels, and

weather ‎the soul of the baby in the womb can

sense the confusion and conflict of his or her

destiny before they even come to this earth.

Does the Father have or show any remorse or

are they crocodile tears?

Has the father cursed the seeds he is to have

In the future, as he can do the same to another

lover. How many Dreams have shattered?

By the time our lives start we are scared and

tormented ‎my the sins of our past present and

future. Life is a glorious gift yet the challenges

which ‎we all face in our own ways need to be

addressed timely, or they will swallow our

happiness whole‎. At a blink of an eye brow,

at the notion of a self centered emotion.


Dreams shatter every moment, second, minute

and day‎, there are broken hearts and disturbed

minds ‎in our homes our schools religious

institutions ‎ look around you, the street breed


Who is safe when they are not at home?

In the comfort of your car at a robot you are a

sitting duck‎, broken glass your purse just got


The politicians the representatives of our

democratically elected government allow the

poverty contraption extortion they promote

and subsidize the use of cannabis alcohol

and recreational drugs in our music as well as

content in our radios and television programmes.

As long as society is out of control,

as long as the masses do not know the worth

of life the soul and we seem out of control.

Forget their dreams and speeches of FREEDOM

We are living in HELL

While we are Sons and Daughters of the SOIL

paradise is Earth.

Only YOU can pick up your Dream that has


Close your EYES, be still, meditate, pray, visualize

your destiny ‎your goal is within the reach of the

will power of your existence and mind.

Gods Poet Nkosi


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