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When i Died

Updated on May 9, 2011

The Day i Died

    Death is inevitable, life is a precious gift to all human. I never appreciated life till the very day I lost it in a drift. Life was hectic but that was never a good reason for me not to show appreciation to the one that gave me life. But all these, I realized the day I died.
    I was on the edge of death, when I realized that life is precious despite what we are facing as living humans. It was a very narrow road, everyone walking along this tiny road was carrying a wine keg and dressed in black clothes, everyone concentrated on his own journey, nothing like farewell.
    The road seemed unending; your heart is filled with pains and sorrows, even as you journey through this road. I saw young people, I saw babies and I also saw old folks, all were passing through this same narrow road without traffic despite the numerous number of people passing though it, which could be measurable to the number of cars that caused traffic along LA city road.
    The road was very dark yet; you could see clearly other passer by without peeping twice. But one unique thing about this road is the fact that no one passing through it looked back, and everyone was journeying in the same direction, truly it was a one-directional movement.
    At the end of this road, you will see people from different backgrounds and heritage, everyone was exchanging their wine keg with a calabash, and once you exchanged yours, you are seen no more, so everyone was busy exchanging their wine kegs without whispering a word to each other. All these scene, I watched with pain and deep sorrow.
    Pity those that died untimely because their hearts are filled with pains and heartbreak, despite the fact that they are dead. Most usually came back on the day of their burial to watch their heartbroken relatives sober in tears yet, they have no help to render. Their world is now of stillness, deafness, selfishness and helplessness, nothing on Earth could bring them back, not even their lovers or their numerous wealth and assets.
    Dear brothers and sisters, how many times do you kneel down in secret to thank the one that gave you the life you are enjoying today? When last did you pray to the Almighty God? When last did you say ‘thank you father’? When last did you appreciate the fact that you are alive? Yes I know quite sure that it is difficult to live a pure and clean life, but you can do it if you decide to do it, we all are designed to rule our worlds, we are all god, we are kings and queens, don’t let life or destiny to control you, show them superiority, you have the power to do it.
    I have red peoples’ opinion in various occasions, and I have come to understand that many people believe that their being alive today is by their own making while some believe it is by nature or evolution, but why?
    I have not come to preach any religion, but I have come to make you understand that life is precious, no matter your present condition, it is for a while, believe me. Believe me, there was a time things weren’t moving well with my entire family, but I gave it a challenge by appreciating the things we had already, praying everyday in my heart and in my bed, unknowingly, things turned around.
    Are you financially or physically handicapped? Are you morally or mentally depressed? Are you facing a rough and hard times? Are things moving against your wish? Is success running away from you, making you feel inferior to others? Then this article have come to awake your ambitions and dreams once more, don’t give up yet, it is too early for you to give up, don’t give the enemy a chance to torment your life.
    Before you finish this article, I want you to make a wish, don’t be afraid to make a big wish, just make a sincere wish, you know yourself, and I am assuring you that before the end of this year, your wish shall come to reality, don’t doubt it. If you already have a doubt in your heart right now, please don’t make any wish.
    “I command you all spirit of failure, mediocrity, sickness, cheating, doubt, unbelief and lies to depart from you now! It is not by my power, but by the power of the Almighty God, who conquered death, I speak to you all to be free from today in Jesus Christ name, amen!”
    Now I want you to pray this short prayer, “Lord Jesus come into my life, I know I have sinned against you in many ways I do not even know, I confess my sins to you as my personal Lord and Savior, wash me, cleanse me, make me whole again as I dedicate my whole heart to you today, please don’t take away your holy spirit from me, save my soul and grant my heart desires; I reject failures, lies, cheating, killing, sickness, untimely death and the spirit of unbelief, thank you for saving my soul.”

Don't look at me bitch!

after your soul!
after your soul!


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    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from L Island

      I have a gist...

    • gusripper profile image


      9 years ago

      It's the only way i never tried to help myself .thank you accofranco and lord JESUS

    • donotfear profile image

      Annette Thomas 

      9 years ago from Northeast Texas


    • blondepoet profile image


      9 years ago from australia

      It put a shiver up my spine....ooooooo

    • sixtyorso profile image

      Clive Fagan 

      9 years ago from South Africa

      Hi Accofranco Great day thank you.

    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from L Island

      O thanks sixtyorso for leaving an encouraging one here. how is your day?

    • sixtyorso profile image

      Clive Fagan 

      9 years ago from South Africa

      Very interesting, thought provoking hub.


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