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Where To Find Legal Help For Business In Ukraine?

Updated on March 7, 2016

Conducting businesses abroad is often associated with greater risk: foreign legal system can vary significantly from the rules and regulations we know from our own country, making the process of claiming our rights in front of the court much more difficult. If you are thinking about opening a new office in Ukraine or if you have run into legal problems with your business, it is time to think about hiring an attorney in Ukraine.

Do they speak english?

However, finding a professional legal help abroad can be a challenge in itself. Some of the best and most competent lawyers do not represent foreign clients due to a language barrier or you have to be prepared to pay extra for interpreting services. Among the law firms, which are willing to represent English speaking clients not all are capable of processing your case due to a lack of proper qualifications and/or experience. When you are looking for a lawyer, who will represent your company, always start from checking the qualifications and expertise, which should be supported with an experience in assisting and winning cases similar to yours. Professional attorney in Ukraine should be included in Ukrainian register of lawyers, while the best, elite lawyers are usually included on the list of the top legal advisors in Ukraine, which you can easily find in legal press and on websites specializing in Ukrainian law (many of those websites have English language versions). Another way to find a good English speaking attorney is to follow recommendations of foreign authorities. For example, the official website of the British government provides visitors with a list of all English speaking lawyers in Ukraine. The list is regularly updated and serves as a good source of recommendations, mentioning some of the best attorney in Ukraine.

Can I trust them?

Last, but not least, you can decide to check legal companies recommended by the biggest corporate companies operating on the territory of Ukraine. Even the most famous brands were once in the same position as you are now, looking for a professional legal help. People they trusted with their legal matters are undoubtedly qualified to handle all sorts of legal problems and offer legal services, which satisfy the typical needs of large companies. If you are planning to run a significant part of your businesses in Ukraine you should use the help of the best. If you are thinking about acquiring a Ukrainian company make sure that the legal consultant supervising this process is aware of the legal procedures this sort of transactions require. Following the choices of other corporate companies is your guarantee of high quality legal services and professional experience of the service providers.

Entering a new market and opening a new office in Ukraine can be really beneficial for your business, but in order to make sure that this step did not cost you more than the profits you have gained, make sure that from the early beginning your company is in good hands, supervised by experts in Ukrainian law and regulations. Best of Luck!


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