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Where Are You Going To?

Updated on December 2, 2011

Are you really heading in the right direction?


Do I always act like a christian? NO

Now you are reading this and you are thinking she is going to lecture me about God. No I am not because I in no way think that is my place nor am I qualified to. What I am going to do is ask you to think about whatever it is you believe in whether it is God, Karma, Judaism, Buddhism. Whatever it is because all of those believe you get what you give or that positive energy is better than negative. Then why is it so many of us today can only put out the negative even when the situation has little or no impact on you personally?? Because this is aimed at the collective you and pointed at no one in particular in the hopes that it will get one person to think about how they interact with others I am asking you to think about that very question. I know a lot of people go to church and they call themselves good religious people but you see them the next day and you don't want to approach them. So you go to church on Sunday and get closer to God or you meditate to find peace, but then the next moment you are acting like a horse's butt to a complete stranger simply because they cannot do whatever it is you want from them whether it's moving their car to giving you something you want.

Yesterday I was in a very unique position. You see my car needs a new fuel filter and when life sees fit to give me extra money I will be happy to replace it, but right now is not that time. And sometimes my car thinks I am starving it of it's rightful nutrition.Often I am in too big of a hurry and I do push the envelope without circumstance. Sometimes I do not though and it just acts like it wants to stop . I know just like you do that we should always keep our tank full. I know in my case I was running all over the world looking for good deals this weekend and caring less about the tank and forgot. This is in no way anyone's problem but my own because I was not paying attention. Where it becomes your problem is if you choose to let my misfortune upset you or make you act like a jerk.Why not be thankful that you are able to go around me and on to your destination?

So at eight in the morning when I should be on my way to work I was actually stuck on the side of the road waiting for my grandpa because I left my Triple A card at home.

What I found is that maybe 100 cars passed me. 2 very nice females offered to help me. 14 people honked their horns at me and at least 30 people got behind me regardless of the blinking lights. Then proceeded to give me dirty looks as they passed me by.

What I find scary is that those thirty people think they are good drivers. I mean what happened to paying attention to your surroundings. Do you need me to stand outside with a big flashing light for you to think before you get behind me? Flashing lights still mean my car is not working so do I really need you to honk your horn at me like my car is suddenly going to work and move out of your way. Also do I need you to give me the evil eye as you pass me. Let me put it in perspective. The one minute that I am ruining your life by making you go around me is nothing compared to the agonizing 49 minutes that I am spending ruining my own life because I can't go anywhere.

So what does this have to do with God or your beliefs? I hope you gave some time to channel those beliefs whether it was at church, cosmicallly, or even yoga. Whatever it was you were looking for a sense of peace. Then you came outside and acted like a jerk because I couldn't move my car and basically ended the concept of world peace. So I am asking you two things:

1) When you see a car on the side of the road not moving at your green light look for flashing lights before you honk.

2) Think as you are driving what would I want a stranger to do if I were sitting there.

I did not want anyone to stop, but I do not give people who are broken down the evil eye. I look to see if they have help, I say a little prayer and if I think I can help them by calling either the police or something like that I do usually its the little helper truck that looks for trouble on the freeway. The negativity of my situation neither helps me or anyone else have the day they could have so please keep it positive. And please feel free to laugh at this.


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    • Donna Sundblad profile image

      Donna Sundblad 6 years ago from Georgia

      Thought provoking hub. This is the very kind of thinking my book, The Inheritance, provokes. I don't tell people what to believe, but I do challenge them to look at why they believe what they believe.

    • profile image

      Website Examiner 6 years ago

      As I recently had the opportunity to discuss with someone, good manners are scarce and in short supply. Good manners, politeness more or less transcend national boundaries, religious beliefs etc. A person can hold strong opinions, but people should come first, opinions second. People should look at themselves through a more critical lens, oftentimes. Crude behavior remains a nuisance in so many situations.