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Was Islam Spread by the Sword or compulsion?

Updated on January 14, 2016


Islam; A missionary Religion Which Provides Solution to all the Problems of Today's World.

In today’s world, Islam is propagated as a religion which promotes terrorism. The only reason behind this propaganda is that the Non-Muslim fanatics are afraid of the real supreme quality of the Islamic teachings as Islam teaches nothing but peace. Rather, Muslims are victims of terrorism. Iraq and Afghanistan are subjected to foreign aggression and innocent people of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are main victims of CIA sponsored terrorism. America will not leave Iraq because it is the paradise of CIA drug mafia network.

There are authentic reports that after the occupation of Afghanistan by the West, production of drugs has increased manifold as compared to the reign of Talibans. But one cannot blame the Christians for this aggression and atrocities because the religion of such forces is just one; and that is ‘to earn money at any cost’. Blood of human being is cheaper than oil. Whether it is the drug mafia of Afghanistan or a oil resources of Iraq, they just wanted to snatch the wealth from the Muslims because they are week. They do not have the power to protect themselves and on the other hand they are also facing a Media War, which treat them as a terrorist.

War against Terrorism or War against Islam

The most strange and unbelievable aspect of the war against terrorism is that all the terrorist attacks have taken place in Muslim Countries, which were allegedly conducted by Al-Qaida. Schools, Mosques and shrines of the saints have not been spared. If they (Al-Qaidia) are Muslims why they are killing innocent and unarmed civilian Muslims? They are attaching mosques and other religious tombs. One could remember how suspiciously Osama bin Ladin’s killing drama was arranged. Whether he was killed years before or he was living a peaceful life with the consent of America and when they found it appropriate to turn around, they killed him. Al-Qaida is just a ghost organization which is used by the CIA to firstly frighten the people of the Western World about Islam and secondly snatching the wealth of Muslim’s through aggression and oppression.

Anyhow, propaganda against Islam has no footings. Truth always wins and truth is that the Islam is a religion of peace. Islam is the only missionary religion as is apparent from the following verse of Quran:-

"And from among you there should be a party who invite to good and enjoin what is right and forbid the wrong and these it is that shall be successful (III:103).

Mystics of Islam

Islam a Missionary Religion

Historically, Islam is recognized as a missionary religion, not only by its own followers but by the followers of other religions as well. Professor Max Muller while speaking in Westminster Abbey in December of 1923 classified the principal religions of the world into two heads; (1) missionary and (2) non-missionary. Evidently under the latter head fall Judaism, Brahmanism and Zoroastrianism, while under the former, Islam, Buddhism and Christianity.

History does not tell us precisely while the Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, ever enjoined upon his followers the preaching of his religion to the whole world, but in regard to Christianity we are quite sure that Jesus Christ never advised his disciples to carry his message to other people than the Israelis for whom it was exclusively meant. The plain recognition of this fact is found in the Bible in which a woman of Canaan is reported to have come to Jesus for help to whom he says, “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” Again, “IT is not me to take the children’s bread, and caste it to the dogs.”

These words are clear enough to show that Jesus Christ was sent only to the \lost sheep of the house of Israel.” And that his spiritual ‘bread’ was meant only for them. The reported injunction regarding the preaching of Gospels ‘to all nations’, is not genuine and has been proved to be a subsequent interpolation.

The case of Islam, however, is different, it is the universal religion, and the scope of its teachings extended as far as humanity itself. The Holy Prophet Muhammad was sent to the whole world and his Gospel of truth was meant for the whole of mankind.

The catholicity of the Prophet’s mission is repeatedly put forth in the Holy Quran. Hence it is said in Quran,

1. “Blessed is He who sent down the distinction (i.e. the Quran) upon his servant, that he may be a Warner to all the nations.

2. “It (i.e. Quran) is nothing but a reminder to all the nations.”

3. “We have not sent you but mercy to all the nations”

4. He it is who sent His apostle with the guidance and the true religion that He may make it overcome all the religions, though the polytheists may be averse.”

These verses and many more of the Holy Quran clearly establish the universality of Islam.

Quranic Teaching and Life of Holly Prophet is a Key

Injunctions of Islam

Hence following the injunctions laid down in Quran and teachings of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him) the companions of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) spread all over the world to communicate the message of Islam, Quran and Holy Prophet (PBUH). In today’s world, particularly speaking about Sub-Continent, if you ask a Muslim child about the ancient Muslim rulers he may not name more than two or three. But there are dozens of saints who are known to everyone such as Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jillani, Hazrat Ali Hajvery, Hazrat Moeen Uddin Chishti and Hazrat Baba Friduddin Shakarganj. In every part of the world, you may find the graves of such like saints who were the only source for spreading Islam. It is written in the history books that only Hazrat Moeenuddin Chishti (R.A.) was a source of embracing Islam by as many as 9000,000 non-Muslims. Did this great saint was having any kind of sword of an army to force those misguided people to bring to the umbrella of Islam? Certainly, the answer is negative.

Teachings of Islam

Understanding "Islam" - It is much different from Present Muslims

Regarding ancient Muslim rulers, I may only say that it was never their priority to spread the message of Islam. Most of the time they spent fighting each other. They even committed genocide against the offspring of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) atKarbala. There are very few Muslim Rulers, who fulfill the criteria of a true Caliph of Faithful (Amir ul Momineen). On the contrary, Saints continued their missionary work and Islam was very much was there in Indian Sub-continent even well before the time when the first Muslim Soldier stepped in this Sub-Continent.

Now, Muslims are much weak. They are neither invaders nor aggressors. Rather, they are subjected to oppression of greedy fanatics. Even in such circumstances, Islam is the religion who is spreading very rapidly because of universality of the teachings of Islam. There is no other religion which could compete Islam in this context.

My advice to the critics of Islam is only one. They should study holy Quran and life of Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) and I ensure you that you could not resist to say, “Islam is the only true religion for all the nations, for all the times, which cater all the needs, phenomenon, worries, problems and difficulties faced by the human beings of today’s world.

If you study Quran, you will find that its addressee is no one except you. Your will find the solution of all the problems faced by you in your day to day life. Don’t look at the Muslims of today’s world. They are far from the teachings of Islam.


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    • profile image

      Sania Gul 6 years ago

      nice work! really appreciate your effort to remove misunderstandings about Islam in the minds of the rest of the world. Islam really is the religion of peace and it is said in Islam that the killing of one innocent person is like killing whole of humanity.