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Who Are Blacks In America

Updated on February 6, 2016

Afro-American(Blacks) will never be fully excepted because of the color of their skin.

Who and what are Afro-American? Afro-American are people who was born in this country and are descendants of enslaves who were forced to come to America. The great Malcolm X once said we all are Black just different shades, with the same color blood as any race.

To be Black is adopting a cultural who denies and negates the traditional implications of being white, Whites knew what it was like to be black.

In today's society Afro-Americans will have many hurdles to cross from the past and the future because they will never be truly excepted..

In today's society some Black's holds important jobs, like the president of the united states of America and this is unacceptable to some whites. The leadership of a Afro-America controlling a white world is unhealthy of to some.

Who are Afro-American? They are Blacks who wants to live in peace without complications because our four father paved the way for us. Black's will always be a issue for some American and that is race. Afro--Americans will one day end racism in America by saying enough is enough.

It is an assertion that we are what we are without reference to what others may think because we wear, the color Black.


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 2 years ago from Boston MA

      I am a mix Black woman who lived in the South where racism was as plentiful as a glass of water. Blacks couldn't go restaurants, bathrooms or drinking out of water fountain was all limited to all Blacks..Jada 67