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Who Changed?

Updated on October 25, 2012

LIFE! One word, four letters followed by an exclamation mark. So small yet so vast. The irony of life is that all that awesome things of life just don't stay the same. Sometimes with passing time the flowers bloom and smell even loud but sometimes these same flowers wither away with time. You are never ready for the change, neither when they bloomed nor when they faded but certainly you welcomed one part of it with open arms, yes only ONE was welcomed the other was not!

So Change is the saga of life, nothing is constant and nothing stays the way it was. Great! The biggest problem is when people change.

Probably everyone around you changes. The care fades, the love aches, Mr witty is now Mr. Offense. And ya they don't even realize. Well I guess someone else reading this might be thinking about you! Is it possible that you changed?????

Lets start with one small question, how many people you know now have changed? Many? ALL?

Big deal, everything and everyone changes! Change is good in a way!

Right! Absolutely. But if I talk about people who matter to you, those whose one word could relieve or deceive.........

We all have seen people whom we care about change.

According to me there are a few reasons for people to change and that knowing them can help you cope with these changes better.

The first reason is, "There are situations where change is inevitable". The most common reason according to popular beliefs. I agree some changes are due to the change of state people come across. Say when someone leaves college and starts a new job. If you won't change then, then probably you should go back to school.

So in times of critical turnarounds change will save the day. A wise man shall change then. But that doesn't happen every second day in your life. Not so often that it could be the reason for all those people to change.

Next reason, because "Change is tempting".May be the person about whom you are thinking right now changed cause to him/her whatever he/she wasn't was inviting them to join the league! "If I be like him I'll be more popular!" Hmmmm........ sad to admit but there is always a thought, "The grass is greener on the other side."

How can I forget this reason........! "Change for that someone special". People often realize that this someone special changed a lot of things in their life. What they don't realize until late is that they hammered themselves too hard and molded themselves in to a "Someone else self"! So much so that their friend next door could hardly relate to them anymore.

The most justified reason according to me, "Learn and Change".Often a very positive and useful change by nature. Broadly these are changes inculcated by the mistakes people make in life. Its better to move the stone in your way rather than stumbling on it again. "Being too friendly often ends up with more haters,lets just be just friendly rather!" Well these changes are also the permanent kinds!

So all the people you know have changed owing to either of the above mentioned reasons! Well it might hurt to see people change, after all you invested emotions in them. A few months time and all they could manage is CHANGE!

WAIT A SEC! We know people changed and that these changes are not always pleasant......If you agree to these reasons of change above, rewind a bit! Read them again and be honest did they apply to you or not..............?????

Is it possible that you changed and you don't even know! May be you are too inaccessible to reach for. Your changed self might have caused pain or hurt to people you cared for.

Well you can't change all that happened but you can probably make up for it in some way.

The first thing I did when I realized all this was I ran to a friend and asked how much did I change and apologized. Then thanked him, for I know, its not that easy to stick around a changed friend!

I hope you still have your friend around!


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    • profile image

      NatashaKnowsIt 4 years ago

      Well I guess, whether good or not change is definitely inevitable! ;)

    • profile image

      Praveen 4 years ago

      Change is good unless it's objective.

    • profile image

      nalini 5 years ago

      The post is awesome.... its something every one should think about .... and analyze if their change is good for them or not.. :)