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Does Your Double Live In Another dimension? Who Do You Think You Are?

Updated on June 5, 2013
Multiple Lives public Domain
Multiple Lives public Domain

Do you believe in other Dimensions? Multiple Universes? Or maybe just Alternate Realities. What would you do if you found out that there was another 'you' floating around out there in another world?

Our different paths in life could mean that you did achieve that goal you always wanted. Would you be famous? A singer maybe. Or did you always want to be an artist? Could jumping on that train instead of missing it that day have actually caused you to lose out on your dreams?

Each and every day of our lives we do things that change our course. Maybe if we had pushed ourselves a little harder, we would have received that accolade that would make us live the life we always dreamed about. If there are other dimensions maybe we are doing just that.

But would we be, well, us?

I remember reading a book years ago called Yargo, by Jacqueline Susann. It wasn't one of her typical genre's, it was actually about a girl being abducted by Aliens and taken to another planet. The story has always stayed in my mind over the years because there was a particular part of the the book that made total and utter sense.

Everyone who had a job on the planet, were able to be whoever they wanted to be. If they felt the need to paint, then they would automatically become an artist. If they wanted to be a scientist then they would be trained to become one. All the way through the book you never know if she is really there, or it's a psychological thing.

What's this got to do with anything you may ask? Well, I was sitting thinking all on my own. In fact I was feeling really depressed. And I didn't know why. So I turned on the TV and there was a fantastic program on about Archaeology in Egypt. And watching it I suddenly realised why I had got this fit of depression.

I wasn't the person that I was meant to be. So I decided to make a list of all the things that I would have done in an ideal world. Or at least in the world of Yargo.

Finding Treasures
Finding Treasures


In an ideal world, or at least in an alternate reality I am an archaeologist. At this particular time I am in Egypt working in the Valley of the Kings. We are digging deep into the ground, because we are using new technology called Satellite Archaeology.

It was invented by the archaeologist Sarah Parcak. By mapping the ground from Space you can see all the outlines of the ancient buildings and pyramids. So on this dig we are trying to find a new tomb.

The work is heavy going, and along with the heat its not for the faint hearted. But I am totally involved in the project. Just to know that deep down, beneath my feet, there may be an ancient tomb with a Pharoah that hasn't even been documented yet. Its not about money, or gold. fame or fortune. No. My deep seated excitement is the fact that maybe I will soon be touching an ancient tomb that hasn't been touched for over four thousand years.

To feel the sarcophagus beneath my hands and know that the person inside was a living breathing man or woman. Somehow it will bring me closer to them, and finally understand that these people changed the course of history. So I will dig with my bare hands if it means getting to it any quicker. Sorry, can't stop for a chat, I have work to do.

So lets go to the other me in dimension two.

Hadron Collider
Hadron Collider

Quantum Physicist

I don't have a lot of patience in my everyday life, but sitting here in front of the particle accelerator I can just stare at the computer for hours. I know not a lot goes on over the course of days, months or even decades. But it doesn't matter. Each and every discovery is so astounding it makes my body tingle from the neck down. Only yesterday we got word that they may have found the Higgs Boson.

Oh my. You may find it boring to think that I will jump through the roof, drink champagne and just yell my head off if they find that tiny particle that will explain why all the other particles have mass. But its exciting, don't you see? Everything in physics is based around something called the Standard Model. In plain English this means that everything else fits into the Math of the Universe, but we can't just grab that little Higgs.

If we could, then everything we have been studying falls into place. This is just a simple answer, but I could be here all day explaining. So I sit here staring at the screen, waiting for the next particle test. And I don't care. Because atoms are exciting, or excited! lol! Inside joke, sorry! So off you go and leave me in peace, because the Nobel Prize is just around the corner.

Historian Public Domain
Historian Public Domain

Historian and Explorer

Hi, there you are. Sorry, I didn't see you. I am so surrounded by books that I can't even get to see the door. Now where was I? Oh yes, ancient Greece. I am writing a paper on how the theory of lightning started out as random philosophy, and ended up with the belief in Zeus. Its a fascinating subject. Evidently the Ancients couldn't seem to put the idea of the natural world into any category.

And because they travelled around from Island to Island, they eventually settled in Cicily which is now part of Italy. The locals believed in a Lightning God, along with a few snakes thrown in, so the Greeks took the story and incorporated it into their myths and legends. long story! Must get on, because as soon as I have finished my thesis I am off to Greece to study a few local legends that have just cropped up.

I will leave you with one last bit of information that you many not know. Aphrodite's Bath near Polis, Cyprus is not the actual place of legend. Or even farther up the coast where she is supposed to have walked out of the sea! Evidently it is only since the 50s that tourists have decided to go there, and the locals have encouraged it! Oh well, that's how myths are born.

Run along now, work to do.

The Parthenon
The Parthenon
Working on a Tall Ship
Working on a Tall Ship

Tall Ships

There you are! Wondered when you would get to me. I will be with you in a minute, I am just cleaning the deck, after all those tourists have gone it leaves it a bit slippery, so I have to give it a good clean. Ummmm! Smell that ocean breeze. I love the Sea, have ever since I was a kid. And how lucky was this? I got a job on my friends dads Tall Ship.

I have loved these old ships ever since I can remember, and just tootling around the bay taking sightseers around is my ideal job. Its not easy you understand, but who cares about the hard work when you are on a gorgeous boat like this? I reckon one of my ancestors must have been a pirate or something because I have never been Sea sick.

Not like the others, lol! One of these days I am going to climb that rigging, always wanted to do it. Until then I will just give a hand sorting it out, and show the new guys how to do it. Most days I just do the cleaning, cooking and just about all the other handy jobs. Stay for a while? No? Shame, you will miss the Whales, they always appear at this time of day. Take care now, and mind how you get of the ship, don't want any accidents.

A Normal Wife And Mother

Hi, haven't got time to stop and chat, sorry. My husband is taking me out to that fantastic new restaurant on the high street. I am not supposed to know where we are going, but you know me, gotta take a look at the booking.

It was lovely, I came home from work and he had bought me a fantastic new dress. It was just my size in light blue with sparkly sequins around the neck. I mean, this was after booking a holiday in a few weeks to Hawaii! Wow! Aren't I the lucky one? My family, and believe me I have a huge family, are all giving me a great send off as its my birthday just before that weekend.

Just think, tonight I am going to be having a nice meal with my handsome husband, and then walking home hand in hand to get ready for a fantastic beach vacation. He is so good to me. We just hug all the time, holding hands as we walk down the street. I get lots of admiring glances from the other women, but he never looks at them. He is totally devoted to me. So, off you go, I have to get ready. Oh there goes the phone, probably one of my relatives telling me good luck and have a great time. Bye!

lovely new blue dress
lovely new blue dress

In This Reality

I sit here at the computer and write. That's the one thing I think I may be good at. My son lives with his girlfriend far away, and he's so happy thank goodness. It feels lonely sitting here. Oh I know I have my ex living upstairs, but we don't talk much. We do get on, but its not the same is it? Its my birthday soon, maybe I will go out with friends. I hope so.

I have a brother, but he has his problems. He never goes out, or is suffering from depression. If I give him a ring he always complains of something or other. I hate going shopping, or just down the town because I have to see couples. Holding hands, laughing, going for drinks and so on.

I feel as though I am behind a window looking out, or maybe in. Maybe its laziness. I have got so used to being on my own I have forgotten how to get out there. So its time to change my way of living and start again. I do need a push though. Maybe I should take a leaf out of my own book from my alternate realities. They did it, so I can too.

I have my friends online, and they make me smile, so its not too bad. Anyway, that's enough chatting, I have a hub to write. See you on Facebook so I can have a laugh. Bye for now.

So, Who Do You Think You Are?

Copyright nell rose

If You Could Meet Your Double From Another Dimension, What Question Would You Ask Them?

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