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Our Indomitable Descent Determines our Incalculable Ascent

Updated on May 13, 2011

We Stand Before the Door of Self-disclosure.

Enter At Thy Own Risk
Enter At Thy Own Risk | Source

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-analysis

Do you have any genuine idea who you really are and what it is you ‘more than anything in the whole wide world’ want? Most people don’t have a clue. They THINK they do, but they are as far removed from the truth of what constitutes their innate being of actual contentment as does a doughnut differ from a New York Strip Steak in nutrient composition.

IF you don’t know who you are, you can’t possibly begin to imagine what you absolutely want. Without knowing who you really are, you may have lived your entire life under falsely embellished suppositions, firmly influenced ideas, fearfully established goals, and fastidiously monitored aspirations of others.

Instead of following your own heart’s desire, you may be living out the unfulfilled dreams of others, as a means of pacifying their deeply unresolved natures. Unfortunately, we carry within our own psyches the uninvited, infiltrated voices of countless people who have ever made an impact on us and continue to do so. It matters not whether the impact is negative or positive, the influential voices prevail.

Restlessness, lying, weight issues, promiscuity, boredom, depression, anger, loneliness, lawlessness, health concerns, and addiction, whether sexual, alcohol, food, shopping, gossiping, or drugs are verifiable barometers of not knowing, Who you are and what you want. When we are not in tune with the ‘still small voice’ who resides within the deepest recesses of our ‘natural and convenient’ selves, we manufacture a superficial existence of continued disappointment.

Bottom line: we are ‘flat out’ miserable. Because we don’t know what to do with ourselves (the untamed bodies and chatter-filled minds we carry around), we blame, criticize, complain, condemn, and contrive drama in order to entertain and distract us. Problem is: we are not amused or diverted for long. We must return to our first love (ourselves) empty handed.

No one (other than yourself) carries the sacred script for your life. You are a god in the making: ‘Master of Divine Essence’ who has simply forgotten his/her celestial heritage. Endowed with numerous sensual, sublimely sexual artistic gifts waiting to be unearthed, explored, and expressed, you are charged with the ardent responsibility of discovering your creative talents. How will this incomparable self-liberating feat be achieved? By entering the door marked: Enter at Thy Own risk.

Most often times, people stare straightway into the face of their most profound desires and then, turn away because someone says it would not be good for them, it won’t make them any money, or they aren’t cut out for that particular path. Now, tell me, how can they possibly know what’s good for you when an undefined particular yet-to-be manifested destiny lies buried within your frame of reference?

You are certainly NOT what you think you are; nor are you what they think you are. More importantly, are you not innately vested in trying to fulfill any notion they may have of you or for you. Besides, you are simply not inclined or interested, or invested IF the real truth be known. You, alone, are given the arduous task of excavating the searing passion pumping through your veins. No matter IF it seems totally ridiculous, unrelated and completely unattainable.

Who Are You and What Do You Want? The indomitable question will remain, feeding the restlessness in your unsettled soul, until you dare to take the risk of moving past the barriers and restrictions you’ve placed upon yourself as a ‘means’ of self-vested security. The incalculable ludicrous ‘ways’ you go about trying to find happiness in your pursuit of fulfilling a supposed role you and others have set plays itself out in sheer lunacy.

We are charged with the duty to plummet into the depths of our souls.

Unrelenting Force of Passion
Unrelenting Force of Passion | Source

It boils down to your coming to terms with a mysterious face you’ve never met, been introduced to or have only had mere glimpses of. Having undervalued, disregarded and misconstrued your true face sublime sensuality, you have attributed (been attracted to) characteristics to/in the other, inadvertently. Because you are not intimately familiar with the inherent resonating tone of your innermost nature, you mistake elements of character in the other which naturally reside in you.

Trouble arises in the midst of your assigning ‘yearned for’ personality traits (expecting the other to respond in accordance), in various situations, instead of realizing it is you who possesses the urges and/or repressed expressions. Needless to say, complications ‘rise up’ which thwart communication and fuel unnecessary difficulties in the relationship.

WE create our barriers and form our restrictions based upon false assumptions and projected ideals. In ignorance, do we shun our deepest base desires for fear of not understanding their sanctified origins. While we remain estranged from our essential (primal) essence, we continue to run into walls, feeling isolated abandoned, depressed, neglected and hopelessly disinterested.

Somehow, we delude ourselves into thinking that unless the instinct driven urge is attached to a worthwhile, respectable and peer approved cause, we will fall into a blackened hole of disrepute. But, nothing could be further from the truth. We all do what we do with a lust of result’ in mind. We are not without guile. In so being, as one great master said, “if you lust in your heart, it’s as if you already committed the act.” (Paraphrased)

Never did he say, the instincts were not there for a divine reason or innocent in their formation. Yet, we continue to push aside these promptings as if they belong to someone else or as if they are hedonistic and vile without reverent purpose and sanctified cause. Ideas, we carry far too many pre-conditioned ideas of others and have so identified with them and their thoughts; we know not how to detach ourselves enough to find our ‘straight and narrow’ way.

Although detachment is the doorway to enlightenment, in the early stages (most especially, when we do not understand the whirlwind of uncertain activity taking place since we’ve never really experienced it for ourselves), we either run or hide, seeking every available avenue to numb the unnatural sensation or we try to work ourselves into oblivion.

We’ll do just about anything to keep us from facing the perpetual self-propelled demons of our precious ruthless soul’s release, stalking us. As long as we keep denying the existence of our unsettled, unexpressed, creatively artistic natures, anger, resentment, bitterness, along with an unrelenting sense of helplessness soon follows course.

Life offers so many blatant clues, signs, symbols and omens of our needful but disruptive despair in order to call us in but we turn a deaf ear. WE either descend further into denial of anything being amiss or we exaggerate the circumstance beyond any possible former recognition of resemblance. Why? We don’t know how to be still in the midst of the turbulent passing storm. We are tossed about by, every wind of advice, rain of rescuing doctrine, snow of appeasing guidance, and sun of comforting suggestions which seem offer optimistic resolutions.

Yet, beneath all of this raging incessantly ego-motivated fury, the ‘still small voice’ waits, unobtrusively. WE must act; we tell ourselves. We must do something to relive the pressure. We add insult to injury by ascribing to each act, wise or foolish, we undertake, as a rational justification for doing what we do. Sometimes in the most bizarre of circumstances, we result to outlandish measures simply as an introducing scapegoat to an uncompromising, unwarranted end.

The action taken is therefore perpetrated by an ulterior motive, not necessarily wanting or needing the spurious outcome, but just to ‘act on purpose’ seems to calm the raging waters for a season. But, again, because we are acting outside of ourselves (with our words and hearts not being aligned with the truest intent of our sacredly meticulous souls), we end finding we have merely created another coffin where we play dead. No fun in that! In the end, we are left with the unremitting question: Who are you and what do you really want?

We Are Carrying Everything We Need on the Journey of Self Discovery

Seeking the source
Seeking the source | Source


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    • Paula Andrea, MA profile image

      Paula Andrea, MA 6 years ago from www.mode of cosmic


      As we embrace the day, we do so with a deep and lasting gratitude of being able to 'show up for each moment' without preference or distinction. Without a lust of result, we receive the immediate incalculable reward in the moment, itself. I am so glad to meet and interact with you.

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

      A powerful message, Paula. I recently touched on some of the same in my hub: My Spiritual Journey-4 teachers I have met along the way. I think you have nailed important information here for folks yearning and searching. Thanks for sharing!

      I enjoy reading your work.