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Who is the heaviest person alive?

Updated on September 26, 2009

Who is the heaviest person alive?

Can you imagine being so heavy that you can't even get out of bed? Well for the heaviest man in the world that is just the case. The heaviest man in the world's name is Manuel Uribe and his life is one only seen from his room. Uribe can't walk or stand he is bedridden.

Manuel Uribe Heaviest Person in the World

Who is the heaviest person alive today?

Manuel Uribe is a 1200lbs or more Mexican man. He is most likley the heaviest person in the world alive today. Uribe is 40 years old and has been bedridden for 5 years. Manuel made a plea for help. His plea for help caught the attention of Dr. Giancarlo De Bernardinis,who came to see Manuel with his Medical Team. Uribe is planing on making the trip to Italy for his life saving surgery a Gastric Bypass Surgery.

Manuel is a Medical Mystery due to the fact that his heart is in good condition, his blood suger and cholesterol are normal. This should not be for a man of his size. Uribe is looking forward to his surgery in hopes to save his life.

The Heaviest man ever to live was said to be Jon Brower Minnoch who weighted over 1400lbs. Jon died in 1983 in his early 40's.

Who is the heaviest person alive?

Here is a list of the Heaviest people in the world alive or have passed away.

  1. Carol Yager-1189lbs
  2. Jon Brower Minnoch-More than 1400lbs
  3. Roselie Bradford-1200lbs
  4. Michael Edelman-1200lbs
  5. Walter Hudson-1197lbs
  6. Francis John Lang 1187lbs
  7. Johnny Alee-1132lbs
  8. Robert Earl Hughes-947lbs
  9. Mohaned Naaman-1055lbs
  10. No Name 1050lbs
  11. Carol Haffner-1023lbs
  12. Mike Parteleno-1022lbs
  13. Mills Darden-1020lbs
  14. John Finnerty-1012lbs
  15. Jerry Currant-1000lbs
  16. Sylbanus Smith-1000lbs
  17. David Ron High-1000lbs
  18. Michael Hebranko-907lbs
  19. G Hopkings-980lbs
  20. Denny Welch-980lbs
  21. Big Tex-924lbs
  22. Leonard Brown-920lbs
  23. Ida Maitland-911lbs
  24. Mickey Mounds-910lbs
  25. John Hanson Craig-907lbs
  26. Arthur Knorr-900lbs
  27. Santiago Garcia-900lbs
  28. Joselina da Silva-895lbs

How heavy do you think is too heavy a weight?

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    • profile image

      Amber 6 years ago

      i think any 1 over 300lbs is tooooo heavy....

    • profile image

      joey 7 years ago

      you are what you are

    • profile image

      Rob 7 years ago

      I think anything over 850 is probably too heavy for a 6'0 tall man. Between 600 and 850 would be ideal.