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Who needs to Learn Grammar? We all do

Updated on February 9, 2015
English Grammar
English Grammar


While beginning to learn grammar is speaking and learning the vocabulary important, well I certainly agree it is than correcting grammar. Be it English, German, French, or Spanish Does a child learn the language by learning grammar first? Do we teach the child what a noun is or an adjective, tenses or if verb is something that conveys action before the child starts voicing a word. Grammar has a lot to do with language but you don’t need grammar to speak a language it’s a never ending story.

As a first step it’s important to know what constitutes Grammar. Grammar holds vocabulary together, and comprises of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, articles, interjections and conjunctions. There is a common disinterest amongst people to learn english grammar, remember English is more than just memorizing grammar and its rules. It takes time and effort to improve grammar but it’s always worth it.

There are hidden exceptions and strange verbs which needs a lot of detailed understanding until you master it. The problem is of course you cannot speak a language well without grammar. Grammar does not help in starting a language but is useful for making the language sound correct. English is more than memorizing the grammar rules. A new term for a sentence is an independent clause. Recognize a clause when you see one, like any sentence, have a subject and predicate. If a group of words does not have a subject and predicate, it is a phrase.

Top Ten Grammar Peeves
Top Ten Grammar Peeves

Simple Rules to Learn Grammar

  • It’s important to express a thought completely, and focus on sentence building.
  • A singular subject is the star of a sentence and needs a singular predicate that talks about the person, animal, or thing and tells the action of the subject.
  • A word that takes the place of a noun, like: “I”, “you”, or “they” is known as a Pronoun.
  • A noun names a person, place, animal, thing, emotion, idea, action, or quality which can either be singular, plural, or show possession.
  • Commas distinct things in a sequence and go where there is a break in the sentence.
  • Verbs indicate tense and change forms showing past, present or future tense showing an action and acting as both a main verb and a helping verb, like: “were” or “has.”
  • Adjectives add meaning by telling how much, what kind, which one or describing a noun or a pronoun in other ways.
  • Conjunctions join two words, phrases, or clauses, such as: “and”, “but”, and “or.”
  • An adverb talks more about how much, when, where, why, or how and modifies a verb.
  • The articles “a”, “an”, and “the” act as useful words and considered parts of speech.
  • Titles of people, books, magazines, movies, specific places, etc. are capitalized.
  • It’s important to punctuate every sentence at the end of it which includes a period, question mark or exclamation mark.
  • Semicolons are placed before introductory words such as “therefore” or “however” and take place of a conjunction.
  • Prepositions show relation between a noun and pronoun and are often used with a noun to show locations, like: “on”, “beside” or “in”. It can also show time, direction, gesture, routine, motive, or possession.

Grammar acts as a wall between you and fluency and in order to break this wall, read a lot of books, magazines, newspapers and phrases. Grammar helps in methodically organizing the language helping you learn new words, sentences and phrases and integrate them using similar rules that apply for all words without having to bumping into them over and over again. Grammar helps you structure your sentences by providing clear guidelines, concentrate on the facets you find most difficult.

Since most of us have forgotten grammar concepts years ago, understanding the basic grammar rules is essential for communicating efficiently.


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