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Academic Advising Programs: Why It Is Important For Students

Updated on July 23, 2012

What Are The Components Of A Great Advising Program?

In the field of education, the most important factor to consider is the student itself. In order to provide students, most specifically, higher education students in planning their future endeavors even as they go outside the four walls of a campus, academic advising is essential. In this program curriculum and pedagogy is integrated with one another in order to come up with various learning outcomes that are fit for the individual needs of a student. In this program there are various components that need to be thoroughly understood and discussed in order to produce a quality advising program, these components are: goals, plans, program assessment, and professional development for faculty officials as well as further strategies for improvement.

Student Goals

The first component of an academic advising program is the goal of the students. In a student advising program, it is important to note one’s goals or objectives. Goals of a student advising program are naturally statements that provide both explicit as well as long-term series of goals which are usually founded on the mission statements of institutions. Setting goals is an important component in a student advising program because goals are the foundation of the essence of student advising among educators. Goals also provide guidance, in a way that goals specify actions that needs to be done in order to meet the primary mission of this program. Such goals are important to be clearly and precisely developed in order to ensure that the individual needs of each student are dealt with. The goals of student advising program are the first and foremost component to consider because one’s goal is one of the foundations of student academic advising program. After being able to develop a set of goals, it is now important to consider another important component in student advising program, and that is the plan.

Planning The Program

In the planning stage of a student advising program there are important points to consider. In planning the student academic advising program it is important to keep in mind that the plan to be developed is realistic at the same time it should also be ambitious. This means that as one develops the plan in the student advising program one should consider if such plan is possible to transpire, but it should also be ambitious in a sense that the plan should ensure that a student would develop the desire for success. It is also essential to consider, as one develops the plan for the student advising program, the development of a student’s educational plans which should be coherent with his or her goals outside the four walls of the campus. Planning the student advising program is an important component to consider because of the fact that it is at this stage that priorities are selected and identified that is why it is crucial that a plan must be accurate with the educational goals as well as the life goals of the students. After being able to determine the goals and develop a plan for the student advising program, it is now essential to consider the assessment of the program.

The Importance of Assessments

Assessment is as important as the goal setting in the student advising program. It is important that in an assessment the advisor must assess fundamental factors such as student’s capabilities, ambitions, interest as well as consideration to one’s principles. This would imply that in a student advising program assessing factors that are salient in the success of a student must be dealt with accordingly. Aside from assessing such factors it is also necessary to consider monitoring of the program itself.

Ensuring Proper Training

Developing student advising programs is very crucial. That is why in order for faculty members or advisors to develop effective advising programs, it should be considered that advisors should undergo trainings that promote development in student advising. AS the primary developer of such programs, it is recommended that advisors or faculty members undergo various trainings such as proper orientation as well as professional development trainings should be provided for these individuals. Well trained and professionally developed faculty members or advisors would produce quality advising programs, therefore producing quality results among their students as well.

The Importance of Monitoring An Advising Program

In order to ensure that the student advising program would be a success a close monitoring by the advisors should be done. It is identified that one of the most important roles of an advisor is to monitor the progress of a student. One way of monitoring the program is by strengthening student’s autonomy and independence. Another way in monitoring the program as well as the development of the student’s themselves by basically gathering of data that would provide viable information as to the progress of a student, such documents could be various test that measures their knowledge as well as performance. It is essential in student advising program that assessment as well as monitoring would be dealt with; this is because these factors are necessary in the goal of attaining the primary mission of such advising.

In the development of an advising program, development of a student is the primary aim of such programs, but it is also necessary to consider the development of the strategies used in the program itself. It has been proven that such advising programs truly benefits students in general on. That is why continuous improvement in advising should be considered. It has been seen that advising not only provides students with programs which focus on their academic as well as life goals, it also enhances student’s interest at school, in a sense that advising programs allows a positive effect on student and advisor or faculty relationship. In the aim of continuously improving the strategies utilized in advising programs that one can see if such strategy is still effective. Increasing the number of advisors, promoting advising sessions or peer advising are just some suggestions that could be considered in the pursuit of improving advising programs.


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