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Why Do We Get So Angry over Other Peoples Personal Choice?

Updated on September 1, 2015
Protesting, but do you know what for?
Protesting, but do you know what for? | Source

Manipulation is the name of the Game!

We humans are funny creatures. Throughout history there have been wars, disputes, and a complete break down in talks with different countries, purely because our personal perspective is different to theirs.

And for some reason this one man or woman, leader or even a lowly politician can change our whole way of life. The strange thing is that nearly 90 percent of the time the actual subject that is under dispute will in no way, affect that instigator.

Our minds are built to think. And think we do. But what makes us believe that what we think or do is the only way to go?

So many people in history have taken their views be it warped or somehow influenced by other ignorant people, and changed the whole dynamics of their country.

Napoleon. | Source

Ah History!

Our history shows that there have been so many mistakes made purely because we as a nation, or in fact the whole world, have followed the teachings or words of a great leader. I say great leader in the loosest of terms!

There are lots of quotes about history. Take this one supposedly told by Napoleon.

'history is a set of lies agreed upon'.

In good old plain English this means that most of the time what happened in history was purely a slapdash concoction of what might have been.

Followed by embarrassment because we realised that we had followed the wrong leader in the first place. So therefore we made it up, changed bits and then give it a polish to make it look as though we knew what the hell we were doing.


The Dark Side of Religion

While researching this I came across a disturbing report from a few hours ago. Evidently Archbishop Justin Welby has stated that;

'African Christians will be all killed if the Church accepts gay marriage'

In plain English without actually stating which countries, many foreign Christians will be ostracised purely because the local people either believe that being gay is evil, or that because they are Christian they will automatically become gay, therefore being attacked by their own religion and others too.

And that says it all really. We live in a first world country that is modern, has common sense and realises that we all have our own minds and freedom of expression too.

Along with America and other modern countries we know and accept people for what they are.

But of course in countries that are socially and mentally living in a primitive different culture this new law can and will cause major trouble.


Take for example the reason the new law stating that Gay people can get married in England. This came into law on the 13th March 2014. And hey, was there a huge argument about it?

You can bet your bottom dollar there was. There are always people trying to say what people can or can't do.

The strange thing is that most of those people who are against it, have absolutely nothing to do with Gay people whatsoever!

So what if someone wants to get married? Most people quote their religion as saying its wrong that same sex people get married. But at the end of the day, if someone loves another person surely its best that they can prove it and live in a lawful marriage?

We forget that all the religious books were written in a time so long ago that every single thing was different back then.

Religion has had to change to keep up with our present day. We can't pick and choose what we decide should be updated or left behind.

So many people believe that their religion should never be changed. And to be fair this can be the right way. Surely religion is there to be followed? Why should we change it? But of course it can cause major rifts, as the latest news shows.

Like A Sheep We Follow.....


Opinions Opinions Opinions!

The psychology behind humans and their beliefs is a strange one. Most of the time the majority of people who stand up and argue against a new law, or state of the country have absolutely no idea really what they know about it.

If you joined a rally for example purely to see why they are protesting half the population would have absolutely no idea really why they dislike it, what its actually about and how the heck they got there.

The trouble is, people are like sheep. One takes the lead, talks a reasonable argument and then the rest follow.

But of course there must be a small seed of doubt, or hatred towards that cause that will make those people go off the deep end about it.

But do they actually stop and think?


What Makes People....

Follow the leader without thinking for themselves? I believe that it is a feeling of belonging. Whether its religion, or just a group of friends, we tend to think that if someone else believes in something really strongly then they must be right.

This sets the seed for you to start doubting your own mind. Well, they are more intelligent than you aren't they? You think. Or, there must be something I am missing so I don't want to look stupid by ignoring it.

This attitude throughout history has caused so much grief its unbelievable. In the Second World War millions of people died in death camps, on the ground and in the air. Why? Because one mad man who was interested in the occult decided that the Aryan race should be all powerful.

Not many people realise that Hitler was so interested in ancient history that he 'saw' his future in the way Rome had called the Germans a super power. What he didn't know, or chose not to know was that the Germans, or people of Germania were in fact not the Germans as we know today. They were a mixture of Danish, Gaul and various tribes from Europe. Germans themselves were only a small part of the whole.

But Hitler, in his own mind decided that they were indeed the same people, and if the Romans were scared of them then he must be the new leader of these Aryan super race.

But why did the rest of the population get involved in the evil that followed? Many people after the war in Germany refused to acknowledge the evil that they must have seen at the time.

Tacitus the Roman Historian. Germania and the Romans.
Tacitus the Roman Historian. Germania and the Romans. | Source

Tacitus The Roman Historian

When Tacitus the Roman Historian wrote that little book about the ancient Germanic tribes, there was no way he could have foreseen how, many centuries later, the German Nazis would take the book and worship it as a bible.

This was the start of how Germany tried to resurrect the myth of becoming the greatest Aryan race in history.

This is a fascinating book that shows how an ancient text rose to heights beyond anything anyone would believe.

It has been classed as the most dangerous book in the whole world. Fascinating reading!

Romans V Germania


Fear Is The Key.

The Second World War shows us just how easy it is to manipulate by fear. This is understandable to a certain degree. But to be able to kill so many innocent people whereas before the war they never even hurt one person is still beyond my logic.

In war we do horrible things.

But what about everyday problems? neighbors get involved in disputes that have nothing to do with them.

People gossip and cause havoc where there doesn't need to be problems. Why?

Can you imagine a world where nobody interfered with other people? Where we all respected each others Race, Creed and Religion? How amazing would that be?

We could travel anywhere in the world, learning and growing with each other. Now that would be something wouldn't it?

But fear is the key. Until we eradicate fear then nothing will change. Fear that the Bible which stated only men and women should marry each other. Fear that we would be hurt if we don't believe in our leaders.

Fear if we don't get involved with our neighbors disputes. And so on.

We need to start using our own brains and thoughts. I think its time we stopped following the 'leader' so to speak, and think for ourselves.

© 2014 Nell Rose


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