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Why Do We Hate Ugly People?

Updated on July 16, 2010

Section 1 of 2. Why Do We Hate Ugly People?

by Crackpot of Oxycontinworld, pop writer, hat maker

Hating ugly people is not pc at all, but it seems to be a very natural thing. Even little babies will start crying if you show them an ugly face. What has how someone looks to do with whether you should like them or not?

Well, aversion to ugliness evolved to keep us free from disease and genetic errors. Body symmetry, which is beautiful, has been shown to be positively correlated with a lower parasitic load and with fewer genetic errors, so basically less disease.

This means that someone who is ugly could very well be infectious, and if one were to mate with an ugly person, there is less of a chance that the children would survive. Since we were not smart enough to know this and behave accordingly while we were evolving, we simply evolved an aversion to people who are asymmetrical or had other signs of disease. Even today, it is very difficult for a young person to appear ugly without disease or genetic error.

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    • profile image

      GoodnUglyDragon 4 years ago

      Yes. I'm so ugly people start burning themselves or jumping out of a building out of shock....

      No. I don't have disease for being ugly. That's a rumor from ugly people who just want to look pretty who have diseases themselves.

      And yeah, ugly people that hate other ugly people want to be pretty. Just reminds me of a monster wearing high heels, a wig, a dolly dress, make up, a purse and showing its belly telling everybody how pretty it is.

      Truth is though, I would consider myself ugly... I don't judge others by their appearances. That would be idiotic. But by their characteristics is what matters. I don't hate ugly or pretty people unless they did something wrong to me. That's life.

    • profile image

      Anne Barichivich 4 years ago

      Ty, Ha. Babies don't see ugly. When I was a girl, there were quite a few adult men who came up to me, literally go out of their way, to tell me that I was ugly. It made my life hell. I got plastic surgery and moved away from that town. Peoples attitudes have changed somewhat since 1987 but not so much that I can't still see what they are thinking. This may actually be a partial explanation of that really odd behavior. They actually act offended. BTW, I had a child and he is handsome as hell and smart as a whip because I am sly as a fox. Check-Mate! Our brains fool us. Judge people by their actions.

    • profile image

      Ha 4 years ago

      You can hug me. Make my millennia. I'm warm, loving, and lonely. I don't think accepting someone for who they are makes anyone a loser. Nobody is that self defeating. I don't make babies cry either. Babies have fallen asleep in my arms while I was looking right at them.

    • profile image

      Antoinette 4 years ago

      I don't hate ugly people, I just find it annoying when people don't take care of themselves

    • profile image

      whocares91 4 years ago

      Reading Stotch's comment, he sounds like he is some type of celebrity (like an actor). If so, I am a bit offended by his use of the "ugly" and "fat" words, which would apply to his fans. And if an actor, let's say, started calling out his unattractive or overweight fans "ugly" and "fat" in regards to their looks, well, not only is that hurtful to us fans but it shows that this actor is quite shallow and just only really wants good looking fans. Now as for why I would think this sounds like an actor, is, because people really don't expect to get hugs from random people (strangers) unless they are in the public eye (like an actor). And I honestly don't believe all "ugly" and "fat" people refuse to talk to actors or not wanting to hug them. In my experience, when I talk to actors, I'm very shy (mostly blushing with smiles). I really do not want to impose on any actor by asking them for hugs. I find that very inappropriate on my behalf. Which actually brings me to the next reason. You hear so much about creepers and stalkers (especially when it comes to actors and such). When I meet my favorite actors, would I really seriously ask them for hugs? No, I would not, because I am a stranger to them, they know nothing about me. Sure it may be nice (more so for the fans), but I hear alot of actors get really creeped out by fans who want some kind of physical contact, that they actually end up hiring bodyguards. And I don't think this applies to only "fat" or "ugly" fans. But it really is the respectable thing to do when being approached by a stranger, to not ask for things like a hug. I know I did not and because I was mostly being respectful to the actor. But if I am wrong reguarding Stotch being an actor or such, I am truly sorry, I apologize but the part about the hugging really sounds like this would only be coming from someone who is an actor (or some type of celebrity).

    • profile image

      Jesus loves you 5 years ago

      God judges by the heart. People will be judged.The heart of society is far from God. God loves you regardless of appearance. The people with the gifts will be judged how they use them and Jesus words will never pass away. If you are not attractive and people curse you bless them.

      Foreshadowings: For all of the vanities described in the Book of Ecclesiastes, the answer is Christ. According to Ecclesiastes 3:17, God judges the righteous and the wicked, and the righteous are only those who are in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:21). God has placed the desire for eternity in our hearts (Ecclesiastes 3:11) and has provided the Way to eternal life through Christ (John 3:16). We are reminded that striving after the world’s wealth is not only vanity because it does not satisfy (Ecclesiastes 5:10), but even if we could attain it, without Christ we would lose our souls and what profit is there in that (Mark 8:36)? Ultimately, every disappointment and vanity described in Ecclesiastes has its remedy in Christ, the wisdom of God and the only true meaning to be found in life.

    • profile image

      ryan 6 years ago

      I've been considered ugly my entire life, even when I was a baby people use to come up to my mom and say "what an ugly baby". I have been an outcast because of it, I've even had people that have never even met me before say " I don't like that guy". I have never really had a girl freind in my life even though I am fit, well educated and well-off. The sad part is most young women think of people in terms of how they would in high-school. So when I get attitude from the bitch working at dennys that thinks her shit doesnt stink, All I can say is fuck you bitch, your the loser. The sad part is, these are the people that usally the success in life and have things handed to them.

    • profile image

      leo 6 years ago

      why the rage? would the hater feel the same rage for an "ugly" animal, building, etc? We can take dislikes to people's faces - but not because they are ugly - we can dislike a person we see as attractive - but for some reason - we may simply think they are not our type - we do not take to them -

    • profile image

      Levertis Steele 6 years ago

      People hate ugly people because they are looking in a miror and think that the ugly person in it is someone else. Ugly people hate ugly people because it is ugly to hate. With all of that ugliness, who would not hate it?

    • profile image

      jjboi 6 years ago

      Iam ugly and people treat me bad when I walk in a store they ignore or when I walk to the store and ask a question they answer my beutiful short dark girlfriend and that pisses me the fuck off just cus iam ugly

    • profile image

      bill 6 years ago

      shes not ugly?

    • profile image

      Ash 6 years ago

      I am ugly, but definitely not diseased. I have been healthy my whole life. I think the reason I have trouble getting into a relationship is because a guy doesn't want to kiss this ugly face.... lol. Most people who know me like my personality, and I have a lot of guy friends but none would ever date me. They just want to be friends, and it's because of my face that they won't. I am hideous... ;)

    • profile image

      thiswoman 6 years ago

      this women picture is ugly pain. Move this ugly hell woman out the way

    • oxycontinworld profile image

      oxycontinworld 7 years ago

      I hear ya Scotch, it's very unfortunate, but I've seen it happen. People who know they are considered unattractive will be mean to people who accept them and nice to people who naturally reject them. This is because they project their low self esteem onto people who accept them. If you accept them, you must be some kind of loser. Then they suck up to people who reject them because they are used to seeking acceptance, not getting acceptance.

    • profile image

      lancethedark 7 years ago

      This fucking world is rotten...

      It's a matter of luck. People always want to see the beautiful outer appearance. I thought that ugly people such as me is less fortunate and the world is balance, But why the hell nice looking people always got what they want? The equation is simple, good looking = happiness, ugly = loneliness.

    • profile image

      Mari  7 years ago

      Hmmm...this article seems a bit black/white in its stances.

      I cant see that hygene has anything to do with fysical appearence, and I hardly notice anyone I can consider as "uly".

      Think it has more to do with self - esteem.

    • profile image

      Joshua 7 years ago

      wake up people nobody is ugly , and it's nothing to do with the appearance if you like a person or not it has to do with personality i think people with an ugly personality are much uglier than a person with an ugly appearance ,at the end it's a bad personality that what makes a person ugly. who are we to determinate if someone is ugly or not,thats just being Ignorant .

    • profile image

      Stotch 7 years ago

      Ugly women ignore me. Unless they're drunk, then they're mean. This goes for women of all ages. Old ugly women who used to be attractive, they always like me. They always want to hook me up with their daughters. Young pretty women like me. They're not always into me. I'm short. But they always gravitate toward me. I think I'm safe to them. Good looking but not intimidating. But ugly people are just damn mean to me. I think it's partly because they misinterperate some of my socially awkward tendencies as a 'dis'. For instance I don't typically hug a lot. I don't mind hugging but always feel awkward initiating hugs. A good looking woman will always initiate. They interpret my reluctance as shyness and initiate. I always appreciate it. Ugly or fat woman interpret my reluctance as a repulsion to them. It's not. I really don't mind talking with, hugging ugly people, but my awkwardness is misinterpreted as snobbery or disinterest. The other thing I've noticed is that when I'm really nice to ugly people, there more likely to attack me verbally, like I've shown them weakness by being nice. If I actually do act snobbish toward them they will be courteous. Not really friendly, but polite. It's like they don't want me to acknowledge them. It's as if seeing them as a person makes them aware of themselves as ugly. I had many ugly check out girls say hello and be really friendly with the other customers and then not even acknowledge me. I'll never get it. People act like a bunch of friggin monkeys.

    • profile image

      Me. 7 years ago

      Hating ugly people means you're shallow. That is the reason I fear judgement in social situations. Being ugly doesn't make me a bad person.

    • profile image

      Paul 7 years ago

      I didn't start out hating ugly people, but after 3 decades of having ugly people give me grief ( I live in a very ugly little city, populated with very ugly people), I now HATE ugly people! I can be out minding my own business and all of a sudden I'm getting that daggers/evil feeling, I turn to find some ugly c*nt eyeballin me like he wants to kill me, I stare back, he kiss's his teeth and walks off in a huff! I mean WTF! As for ugly women, they either think they're the shit or have such nasty attitudes that you end up wanting to punch them!

    • profile image

      James 7 years ago

      It's hard being on your own side when no one else is though.

    • oxycontinworld profile image

      oxycontinworld 7 years ago

      that's unfortunate. hating yourself is pretty useless. it makes you feel bad and rarely makes you any healthier. gotta be on your own side

    • profile image

      moi 7 years ago

      im ugly and i hate myself

      you make a good point i always though me having children would be selfish


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